Billiards Room Interior Design Tips and Ideas

March 22, 2017
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Billiards, or pool, has many admirers, but having a personal billiard room at home is luxury that not everyone can afford. However, given some experience and knowledge, almost any room within a house or apartment can be designed for playing pool. The key point is to follow a few rules to ensure the comfort of playing. What are they? Let’s see together!


How to determine minimum billiards room dimensions?

When it comes to projecting a billiard room within the future or already existing house or apartment, the first question to answer is the right room dimensions. At this stage you should primarily determine what kind of a cue game you’re going to play exactly, as this is directly relevant to the room size.

The most popular cue sports are American pool, English billiards (or snooker) or Russian billiards (or Russian pyramid). And each of these subdivisions entails the use of different tables and cues. The playing field within these games varies from 5 to 12 feet (i.e. from 1.65 m x 0.85 m to 3.50 m x 1.75 m, approximately). The same way the length of the cue may amount to 140-145 cm in pool and snooker and be up to 165 cm in Russian pyramid.

As you realize, cue sports imply that a billiard table must have enough open space around it. Why? Because when a ball is close to the cushion rail at the side of the playing field, it can be hit only by having a cue completely out of the play field. And hence comes the most logical and trivial golden rule for calculating the size of a billiards room: it’s the size of the play field + the length of the cue on each side of the table. So, the approximate size of a billiards room may vary from 4.5 m x 3.7 m for a 5-foot play field for pool to up to 6.8 m x 5 m for a 12-foot table for Russian billiards.

But we must mention that this formula refers to the minimum size of a pool room. There is also such a concept as a comfortable size of a billiards room – it’s the same as the minimum size + 25-40 cm on each side of the table for the sake of a good backswing.

Also, pay attention that the above-mentioned dimensions presuppose that there are no extra structural house elements in the room, like columns, a staircase, railings, ledges and etc. In this case you may resort to a shortened cue to make shots from the so-called blind spots.

1-1-billiards-pool-room-interior-design-table-wooden-floor-carpet-rug-dark-wood-furniture-window-shutters-shelves-cupboard 1-2-billiards-pool-room-interior-design-table-wooden-floor-carpet-rug-pendant-lamps-snooker-small-in-beige-living-room-lounge 1-3-billiards-pool-room-interior-design-table-wooden-floor-pendant-lamps 1-4-billiards-pool-snooker-room-interior-design-purple-table-cloth-wooden-floor-carpet-rug-pendant-lamp-panoramic-windows

What color scheme is preferable for billiards room interior design?

It goes without saying that a centerpiece of any billiards room is a table. And it determines both the style and color scheme of a pool room. As a rule, billiards tables have green, blue, red, brown or black cloths and dark wood finish. So, it’s recommendable to use the same colors in other interior details.

2-1-billiards-pool-room-interior-design-table-wooden-floor-carpet-rug-pendant-lamps-brick-wall-red-cloth-big-corner-sofa-photo-gallery 2-2-billiards-pool-room-interior-design-table-wooden-floor-pendant-lamps-beige-cloth-dark-wood 2-3-billiards-pool-room-interior-design-table-wooden-floor-carpet-rug-skylights-concrete-walls-loft-style

How to finish the floor in a pool room?

The win-win options for primary floor finishing in a billiard rooms are ceramic granite tiles or corkwood. Considering that balls frequently fall to the floor, it’s recommendable to coat the primary flooring with a rug or carpeting additionally. These materials will ensure that the floor will bear increased loads and get sufficient soundproofing.

3-1-billiards-pool-room-interior-design-table-wooden-floor-carpet-rug-traditional-style 3-2-billiards-pool-room-interior-design-table-carpeting-rug-pendant-lamps-brown-3d-walls-beige-sofa-coffee-tables

How to finish the walls in a pool room?

Cue sports are quite noisy, so when it comes to selecting wall materials, it’s worth thinking about additional soundproofing, such as acoustic wool. And the most popular options for wall finishing are corkwood and wood.

4-1-billiards-pool-room-interior-design-table-wooden-floor-carpet-rug-faux-brich-wall-wooden-wall-chandelier 4-2-billiards-pool-room-interior-design-table-wooden-floor-pendant-lamps-classical-arm-chairs 4-3-billiards-pool-room-interior-design-table-wooden-floor-carpet-rug-pendant-lamps-beige-and-brown-Victorian-baseboard

What about ventilation in a billiards room?

It’s a common practice among gambling cue sports players to smoke during the game. If it’s relevant to you, you should take care about having an extractor fan installed. Remember that tobacco smoke has a very negative impact on the table cloth.

What kind of lights should be arranged in a pool room?

Traditionally billiard rooms are associated with twilight, but remember that the table has to be well lit however. So that the balls didn’t cast shadows over the table, there is a golden rule: a group of special pendant lamps must be arranged above the pool table and they must hang at eye level of a standing person.

5-1-billiards-pool-room-interior-design-table-wooden-floor-carpet-rug-pendant-lamps-gray-and-green-contemporary-style 5-2-billiards-pool-room-interior-design-table-wooden-floor-carpet-rug-pendant-lamps-green-and-brown-bar-leather-sofa-chester

As for the rest of the lights, they depend on the functional zones you have in the room. On the whole, a billiards room is a place for relaxation and intimate atmosphere would be most pertinent here.

5-3-billiards-pool-room-interior-design-table-wooden-floor-carpet-rug-pendant-lamps-beige-cloth-red-sofas 5-4-billiards-pool-room-interior-design-table-wooden-floor-carpet-rug-pendant-lamps-red-walls-green-cloth-twilight

What furnishing should a billiards room have?

Given that billiards entails big distances one has to run during the game and that this sports is mostly associated with relaxing chamber atmosphere, it’s worth arranging a lounge area in it: a comfy sofa or a couple of arm-chairs, for example. Besides, you may consider having a small bar, a TV-set or a projector screen as well.

6-1-billiards-pool-room-interior-design-table-wooden-floor-carpet-rug-pendant-lamps-red-wood-cloth-bar-table-ceiling-beams-classical-style 6-2-billiards-pool-room-interior-design-table-wooden-floor-carpeting-pendant-lamps-classical-style-big-living-room-home-library-lounge-sofas-coffee-table-total-wood 6-3-billiards-pool-room-interior-design-table-contemporary-style-lounge-fireplace-TV-set-sofas-bar

We hope that these tips will help you create a billiards room of your dreams!

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