20 Amazing Solid Wood Kitchens

April 18, 2017
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Today solid wood kitchens have been given a completely different purpose as compared to 1990s. Earlier most of the manufacturers were doing their best to hide the wood grain and a huge potential of this natural material under a thick layer of paint or varnish. Fortunately, now the situation has changed and we can enjoy the beauty of solid wood to the fullest extent. Maybe, you’re convinced that solid wood kitchen cabinets are good only for classical interiors, and in contemporary kitchens they would look odd, aren’t you? Then we will show you 20 beautiful wooden kitchen sets of versatile styles and designs.


Wood is an absolutely natural, eco-friendly and amazingly universal material that can be fit into any interior, regardless of its style and color scheme.


Having a solid wood kitchen in a city apartment is a good idea, but having it in a country house is even better. And if you’re a lucky owner of high ceilings, it would be a great idea to emphasize the effect with ceiling beams.


To keep your interior non-cluttered and airy, have your heart set upon minimalistic solutions: avoid extra décor and keep everything in its place.


Light wood cabinets look great against the background of pastel walls. And pastel mint green won’t leave anyone indifferent.


If you feel that there is enough wood in your kitchen and that wooden top cabinets might look too bulky and massive, the latter may be abandoned in favor of open racks. Such a trick will make the general composition more light-weight and airy.


Or you may opt for small cabinets mounted right under the ceiling. This way you’ll get extra storage space for keeping dishes and china sets, for example.


No doubt, classical kitchen sets look gorgeous, but fans of such solid wood furniture should bear in mind that such options wouldn’t look that great within small rooms. There’s a big chance that such furniture will make a small space look even smaller and tighter.


For those who can’t choose between classics and contemporary design, such warm wood cabinets coupled with cold metal countertops would be a safe and stylish choice.


In kitchen sets from K7 collection by Team7, Austria, natural wood grain is complemented by high-end quality and practicality. The height of the worktop can be adjusted by just pushing a button. And its mood, as beautiful and wild as the wild walnut wood it is made from, would impress most demanding customers.


This light Scandinavian-style kitchen looks so spacious and amazing that even weird paintings fit well into its harmonious atmosphere.


But light furniture is not the only option for Scandinavian kitchens. Black is similarly acceptable in the role of a contrasting interior component.


Solid wood kitchen cabinets are most welcome in loft-style interiors: this material brings a note of badly missing warmth to the brutal atmosphere set by exposed masonry and metal elements.

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A kitchen island finished with dark wood boards that were not coated with anything and combined with a light countertop will become a stylish accent setting the mood of the entire room.


The ones who value German quality and contemporary design would love a handleless solid wood kitchen set by Alno that embodies concepts of coziness and natural beauty. It’s almost entirely made of solid oak, with white magnolia countertops.


Perhaps, nothing can make dark wood species look more spectacular and impressive than a rough masonry. So, if you are a fan of sophisticated elegancy, you should really consider such a combination.


When a designer wants to emphasize the originality and practicality of an interior, he or she doesn’t hesitate to apply the principle of minimalism to kitchen cabinets hardware. And taking into account modern technologies, the absence of knobs and handles would have no impact on the functionality of kitchen furniture.


And kitchen cabinets produced by a French company Mobalpa are made from solid wood and painted pure white. Put against the background of white walls and featuring a few glass cabinets, it looks very airy and fresh.


A rough solid wood dining table coupled by the same kitchen set creates a perfectly impressive composition that looks very harmonious and integral.


Natural wooden cabinets coated with a layer of black varnish look very spectacular, especially if the worktop, open racks and ceiling beams keep their natural color.


When light wood kitchen cabinets gradually and delicately “transform” into the flooring with an absolutely equal material, color and wood grain, one has the feeling of absolute harmony.


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