Dreams Come True: Now Quadcopters Can Guard Houses!

April 18, 2017
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Nowadays quadcopter-camera drones are the hottest trends: courier services use them for products delivery, military men utilize them for military intelligence and border control purposes, bloggers are keen on having fantastic aerial photos. Sunflower Labs Company from Switzerland/USA also decided to apply them, but in a pretty non-standard way – for guarding houses.


Just imagine. It’s a dark night, no one in the street; you’re sitting in your comfy arm-chair and enjoying your favorite book. And suddenly you hear the loud crunch by the window. What is that? A dog, a neighbor’s cat or an unwanted visitor? You need to check this, but you can’t do this on your own. With modern smart technologies you can send a drone that will show you on the screen of your smartphone what’s happening in your yard right now. Check this entertaining promotional video to see the Sunflower Home Awareness System in action:

Perhaps, you’ve got a lot of questions about how it all works after the video. Let’s try to find the answers together.

So, as you already guessed the Sunflower Home Awareness System consists of two interconnected elements: light & flight.

Let’s start from the light. The light part is represented by the Sunflower Smart Lights. They look absolutely like any conventional solar garden lights and can be just stuck in the ground anywhere on your outdoor territory. When the sun sets they emit warm ambient light, or you can set brighter light in the security mode. So what is smart about them? The point is that each Sunflower Smart Light has about 20 incorporated sensors: motion sensors that detect movement on 360°, vibration sensors that can recognize footsteps and a microphone/speaker sense that “hears” the sounds. As compared to ordinary motion-activated lights that are equipped with just a couple of sensors and send alarm notes even when the tree branch moves in the wind, the Smart Lights do their best to avoid any false alarms. Being a part of a smart home system, they share the information with each other and with the Sunflower Hub. The latter is in its turn connected to other smart home appliances and “knows” the current weather condition and forecast, as well as your daily routine details. So, the Hub is able to make the most precise alert decisions possible. By the way, as distinct from other smart home devices, Smart Lights do not have any cameras uploading videos of your home to remote servers.


And the next logical question is how many Smart Lights you need to guard your house. This primarily depends on the area, shape and landscape (the presence of dense shrubs and trees) of your outdoor territory. On average, a set of four lights is enough to cover the rear and front entrance areas of a typical suburban or country house. You may also want to place a few lights near the porch or on each side of the backyard and front yard close to the road.

Now let’s proceed with the second part of the system – the flight one. It is represented by a Flying Camera. Normally it lives on a special outdoor housing that is protected from weather impacts,  children and pets. The housing plays two roles: it provides storage for the drone and charges it at the same time. The Flying Camera is downward-facing, high-resolution, equipped with infrared light for night vision and a GPS for precise navigation.


If some extraordinary activities are detected by your Sunflower Smart Lights, you receive a notification to your smartphone via an app. On your request the drone goes to the spot and as soon as it arrives at the location, the camera starts to show you a live video on the smartphone. Don’t worry, the camera is fully autonomous and you will never need to pilot, land or launch it by yourself. At the same time, you can tell the drone to fly to a specific spot of your outdoor territory to check it even if there was no alarm coming from this zone. Also, it’s programmed to never leave the bounds of your property.


So, with such a system you will always know what is going on by your entrance door or who climbed over your fence whether you’re at home, on a business trip in the other part of the world or on a honeymoon.

According to the Sunflower Company, the product will be available at the end of this year. The prices are not announced yet.


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