New Gorgeous Collection of Greek Home Textile in White & Blue

April 23, 2017
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This spring incredible sensation of sunny shores of the Aegean Sea translated into… the design of a new home textile collection for spring-summer 2017 presented by the Togas brand. Bed linen, bathrobes, throw pillows and blankets bear a single name – the Santorini.


The Santorini is a pearl in the crown of Greek islands, one of the most picturesque places in the world, a piece of almost pristine nature that millions of tourists come to see. People set their choice upon this very isle when they have something special to celebrate – a wedding or a wedding anniversary, a birthday or a proposal. What they are searching for is not just a good rest. They seek to find out more about Greece, its rich history and traditions.

The new collection of Togas Company can be safely named patriotic. The thing is that this firm was founded in the Athens back in 1926 and still keeps surprising us with new beautiful patterns. In the pursuit of new ideas designers of the brand have much of any eye for fashion and latest trends in art, but this time they decided to focus on the cultural heritage of their native land.


Bed linen, pillows and towels in the Santorini collection are white and decorated with blue patterns. Those of you who saw the Santorini Island on postcards surely know its most popular image: purely white houses with blue roofs surrounded by the blue sea and sky. And what’s a sea without a sandy beach and bottom? Of course, Togas’ designers didn’t forget to dilute the white-and-blue palette with a touch of sand beige.


One more typical feature of Greek landscapes is mosaic panels – they have been traditionally used to dress up exteriors and interiors of rich people’s houses. But how can mosaic be applied to home textile? In watercolor. For almost 100 years artists and designers of Togas Company draw sketches of their future prints by hand. In the Santorini collection every pattern is composed of hundreds of mosaic pieces, each of which was hand-painted with a special rectangular brush. Sand beige perfectly soothes the riot of saturated blue shades, and geometrical patterns are found next to delicate paisley patterns.

3-Togas-Greek-home-textile-new-collection-2017-Santorini-white-blue-pattern-paisley-decorative-throw-couch-pillows-arm-chair5-Togas-Greek-home-textile-new-collection-2017-Santorini-white-blue-pattern-bath-towels 4-Togas-Greek-home-textile-new-collection-2017-Santorini-white-blue-pattern-paisley-bed-linen-set-pillows-blanket


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