Fitting Lounge, Kitchen, Bedroom, Dining Room & Study in 44 Sq. M.

April 24, 2017
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44 square meters is not so much, especially if you’re young and married, and wish to have a full-fledged bedroom, a living room, a dining zone and a comfortable work area. However, a qualified designer was able to meet the challenge and put all the wishes of the masters to reality. How could this be possible? Let’s see!


For a start the clients figured out the stylistic concept: they both wanted to have an apartment designed in loft-style motifs. Their next demands were to keep the initially two-room flat two-room and arrange as many storage spots as possible. The designer decided to reach this target by means of the layout alterations: the living room was made open to the kitchen and dining room, while the other, elongated and narrow room was designed as a bedroom with a full-fledged walk-in closet and a work area by the window.


Given that the apartment is equipped with a gas cooker, the prep area was separated from the residential space with a glass wall. It makes the open-concept area look visually bigger and lets natural light penetrate freely into every nook of the space; at the same time the mistress can close the door anytime and enjoy the cooking process.


The living room is functionally and visually divided into a lounge and dining zones. The former is furnished with a compact, yet very comfy sofa, which is folding and can serve as an extra sleeping place when needed. The TV-zone features a big custom-made shelving unit made from metal and wood according to the designer’s sketches. One more interesting fact about this piece of furniture is that in one of the wooden boxes at the bottom shelf the host’s cat will have a small house.


The centerpiece of the dining area is a table: its wrought lattice base is made from the bottom part of an iconic Singer sewing machine and the top – from old wooden boards. Such an original masterpiece perfectly fit into the general loft-style atmosphere. Besides, this zone is dressed up with a few wooden shelves, where the hosts display souvenirs brought from their travels.


When it came to designing the kitchen, the designer decided to put the refrigerator and the storage zone into a wall recess, and arrange the kitchen set along the wall plus on a small island that would almost double the worktop size. The island was complemented with a compact bar table for having fast breakfasts and small snacks during the day. The cabinets were custom-made from MDF, and the countertop – from precast stone. One of the walls was coated with magnetic and chalkboard paint. Now the masters can display their travel magnets, leave romantic notes, and put down new recipes; in a word they have plenty of room for self-expression.


The bedroom interior is designed so skillfully that despite the presence of a sufficient work area it preserved pretty relaxing atmosphere. Its centerpiece is a solid wooden bed. In general the space is not overloaded with furniture: a couple of bespoke geometrical bedside tables, a work desk by the window and a few bookshelves.


A set of family photos in cog-shaped frames is supposed to remind the masters about their connection with the past. But the wall that deserves a special mention is the one behind the headboard. It’s finished with 100% natural, yet no so popular material – sackcloth. This detail gives the room a note of originality and something warm.


The bathroom is equipped with German sanitary ware by KLUDI, and its floor is finished with tiles imitating the metal texture (you must have noticed the same ones in the kitchen).


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