Sunny Mediterranean-Style Kitchen on a Country House Veranda

April 29, 2017
Posted in Kitchen

Perhaps you would agree that the kitchen is the most magnetic part of any country house, especially when it’s arranged on a veranda.  Fresh green leaves are knocking on big windows, funny sundogs are playing on a rough wooden table, and a rainbow of a summer meadow inspires for something beautiful and creative…


In a country house we can boldly try absolutely versatile and bright colors – red, yellow, blue, violet, green. These hues are literally suggested by the nature; they give joy and energy of the Mediterranean atmosphere and would always be a win-win option. In our today’s project the whirlpool of colors of the sunny land is implemented through a wide range of finishing materials: multicolored ceramic tiles and glass blocks, wood grain and home textile patterns, metal and even acryl.


The kitchen set is linear, arranged along the inner wall, and the dining zone with a corner sofa and a massive wooden table is located along the exterior wall, next to big windows. Big base kitchen cabinets are coupled with open racks, which both gives enough room for storage and doesn’t overload the tight space.


Ceiling beams of the veranda are coated with sky blue paint bringing a note of the Mediterranean exotics. In the dining zone the walls are painted pastel green, and in the prep area textured plasterboard creates masonry effect.

In fact the extended veranda is divided into two parts: a corridor leading to the residential rooms and a dining room and kitchen. The partition between them was made from square pinewood beams and finished with light larch tree wood. This construction plays the role of a double-sided storage spot: from the corridor side it’s organized as two symmetrical wardrobes, and from the kitchen side – as ceiling cabinets. A recessed open rack above the door is dressed up with an authentic piece of countryside still life: a samovar, a basket and pumpkins. At the same time the hostess can keep there her pickles, bulky kitchen appliances or foodstuffs. The cabinets’ doors are decorated with bright geometrical patterns made from colored acryl, just like on the kitchen set.


The porch was built around the house later, due to the lack of space for a full-fledged kitchen inside. This accounts for an interior window that used to be exterior before. The designer framed it with multicolored glass blocks and organized a small herbs garden on the sill. Now the mistress has eco-friendly lavender, oregano and rosemary right at hand and a spectacular piece of décor at the same time.


The corridor walls are painted in a very beautiful tint of blue – it seems like it faded in the bright Mediterranean sun. Such a color creates a very relaxing atmosphere. The floor, skirting boards and a shoe rack are coated with a blue paint that is one shade darker. This trick makes the interior appear deeper and brings even more serenity and peace. The front part of a creative shoe rack is made from a wall-mounted picket fence, which makes it look like a small flower bed. This is a nice example of the introduction of exterior elements into an interior: thanks to outdoor details, the house kind of “opens” to the garden. One more interesting detail of the corridor is an old mirror in a wrought frame. It was given a new life by the designer: she painted the upper right and bottom left parts lettuce green, and the rest of the parts – dark blue. And the mirror surface was dressed up with a geometrical pattern painted across a stencil.


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