How to Choose the Hallway Floor Covering Material: 5 Tips

May 4, 2017
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For some of us the most important thing about the hallway floor covering is its durability, some people have their hearts set upon aesthetical aspects and others believe that the floor must made be made from exclusively natural materials. There is a floor covering for each of these categories of buyers, and each of them has benefits and drawbacks. Let’s take a closer look at all of them.



For many years linoleum has been justly deemed one of the most water-resistant, durable and long-lasting materials. Such a floor covering will serve you about 50 years, if you don’t get tired of it during this time, of course. So if your family has many feet and runs a lot, a linoleum floor would be a great idea. By the way, today manufacturers have envisaged special linoleum types with coarse-textured, anti-slip surface. All you have to do is to choose between expensive natural options and cheaper synthetic ones.


Ceramic tiles

This is probably the most popular choice, perfect in many aspects: affordable price, durability, and a huge range of shapes and colors. When choosing ceramic tiles, there are three issues to consider. Firstly, no matter how beautiful wall tiles can be, you should choose exclusively floor tiles that can bear big loads. Secondly, try to find matte-textured or anti-slip tiles, since the hallway is the place of higher risk of falling, especially in rainy weather. And thirdly, do not buy tiles intended for exterior use – this doesn’t make any sense and they are extremely hard to clean.


Laminated flooring

This material is widely used in all the other rooms of the house, but it surely doesn’t “like” to contact the water. Though, with today’s technologies some manufacturers offer such types of laminated flooring that are as strong and water-resistant as linoleum. In terms of aesthetics laminated flooring is pretty good; it usually imitates a wooden covering. Also, it’s easy to repair. But it will hardly serve you longer than 15 years.



If for you the most important about the floor covering is its eco-friendliness and naturalness, then parquet flooring is what you need. High-grade wooden covering can be seen with the naked eye, and your hallway interior will surely benefit from this material. But you should remember that parquetry demands special care and can’t be left wet.



In the hallway you may use solely synthetic covering, since natural carpeting perfectly absorbs water and mud. So, laying carpeting in the hallway is for those who need absolutely anti-slip covering or like the way it looks.


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