The Countryside Idyll: How to Refresh a Cottage Living Room?

May 11, 2017
Posted in Living Room


Sometimes all you need to magically transform a room is just a can of paint and a few meters of sweet fabric. An original color scheme and textile of versatile colors and textures are nice means for refreshing an interior quickly and inexpensively. And this is particularly true with respect to a summer cottage: the change is quite money-saving and very impressive!


The living room we’re going to show you today is pretty spacious: its total area is 22 square meters. But it didn’t look that big and airy initially, with plain white walls, small windows and old sofas that were not good enough for an urban apartment of the hosts anymore. The entire design here was made with exclusively practical aspects in mind, and no one cared about the decorative component. But then, when the building of the cottage came to an end, the masters realized that something was missing in their interior. But what was it? This question was addressed to a couple of qualified designers, and they immediately came up with an answer: beauty and warm atmosphere is what we need.

The starting point for the designers’ project was a quite big fireplace. Fortunately, it had nice dimensions and was initially located very well – in the middle of the room and just opposite the doorway. This allowed for the establishment of a balanced symmetrical composition with a fireplace as a centerpiece. To the left and right of it put were a wrought iron whatnot and a corner display cabinet. On both sides of the entrance there appeared a couple of sofas: a big corner one and a compact double couch.


The fireplace was also the piece of interior that predetermined the color palette of the living room. The brown color of glazed tiles it is faced with was complemented with a deep blue hue. For a start the walls of the room were coated with Stone Blue paint by Farrow & Ball (UK). In fact, the brown and blue color scheme is a win-win option. The sense of dynamics and lightness to this color mixture was added by pure white contrasts – a coffee table, sheer curtains and sofa slipcovers – and sweet home accessories in painted wood and metal. All of these details evoke the feelings of amusement and simplicity of countryside lifestyle. A nostalgic note into this melody is brought by “grandma’s” stuff: laces, a wrought whatnot, a rocking chair, big wicker baskets… And it doesn’t really matter whether this sweet stuff really came to you through your Grandma or you got in a store.


Very often nostalgic motifs inspire the creation of original décor. In this project sheer curtains mimicking lace (by IKEA) were utilized by the designers as a stencil for a symmetrical wall décor. Now these patterned wall “lanes” serve as backgrounds for IKEA mirrors dressed up with “laces”.


One more piece of wall décor that deserves a special mention is an art wall above the sofa. It’s an important piece of home décor, it counterbalances the massive furniture in this part of the room, and finally a free pattern in hanging mismatched photo and picture frames helps to create a relaxing atmosphere of a country house.


This effect is enhanced by a set of bright multicolored throw pillows and a markedly bulky sofa slipcover. In this case old shapeless sofas that would hardly ever become a piece of antiquity, changed completely as soon as they were covered with big white cases made from cotton fabric. The relaxing atmosphere they created is very typical of Scandinavian country style, which was the source of inspiration for this summer cottage living room. They look like magical soft clouds, on which you may surely have a good rest.


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