How to Organize a Summer Kitchen: Tips, Ideas and Photos – Part 1

May 15, 2017
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In summer time, cooking in a hot enclosed kitchen, we usually dream about a wisp of fresh air, singing birds and leaves shaking gently: in a word, all the finer things of the country life. That is why today we decided to speak about how this dream may come true. If you’re a lucky owner of a suburban house or a summer cottage, a summer kitchen will save you from the stuffiness and cooking smells that always accompany the food preparation process. However, there are a few important issues to consider before arranging such a kitchen and we’d like to discuss them all. So, let’s begin!


1. Purpose of a summer kitchen

First and foremost, just like any ordinary kitchen, a summer kitchen is intended for cooking. That is why general layout requirements, measurements and functional zoning of the space that includes storage, washing, preparation and dining zones are absolutely  common for an indoor and summer kitchen. You may find more about the basics of kitchen planning from our previous post: Key Measurements of Kitchen Layout Planning. What is specific about a summer kitchen is that besides the above-mentioned areas it can include other ones, and we’ll discuss them below.

0-outdoor-summer-kitchen-set-interior-design-ideas-rocks-backsplash-stone-worktop-countertop-stainless-steel-metal-cabinets-white 1-outdoor-summer-kitchen-interior-design-ideas-sink-ice-bottle-cooler-oven-gray-cabinets-set-brown-worktop-countertop 2-outdoor-summer-kitchen-interior-design-ideas-total-gray-set-metal-steel-cebinets-sink-oven-terrace-open 3-outdoor-summer-kitchen-set-interior-design-ideas-gray-worktop-countertop-metal-steel-cabinets-terrace

2. Location of a summer kitchen

The concept of a summer kitchen implies isolation from the living space, but how remote from the house it will be depends only on your decision. A summer kitchen can be constructed as an extension to the house, sauna or even a garden gazebo, or as a free-standing building. Any of these options has both positive and negative aspects. When it comes to a summer kitchen adjacent to the house, it’s more convenient in terms of circulating between the kitchen and dining room (unless you have them both organized in a single space), it’s more comfortable for use in bad weather and saves time spent on the distance you run during the day. On the other hand, a free-standing summer kitchen wouldn’t heat up the wall of the house and would save the house inhabitants from cooking smells and stuffiness. At the same time, having an isolated summer kitchen entails the need for bringing electric wires and water pipes to it.

4-1-outdoor-summer-kitchen-interior-design-ideas-on-a-terrace-metal-cabinets-dining-area-lounge-area-sofa-wicker-furniture-table-chairs-bar-stools-lanterns 4-2-outdoor-summer-kitchen-interior-design-ideas-wooden-planks-terrace-metal-cabinets-steel-potted-flowers-pots-suspended-lamps-island 5-1-outdoor-summer-kitchen-exterior-design-ideas-free-standing-alone-isolated-separate-garden-green-open 5-2-outdoor-summer-kitchen-interior-design-ideas-open-closed-exterior-sliding-glass-doors-lounge-area-sofa-TV-set-dining-table

3. Open and closed summer kitchens

The question that deserves special consideration is whether you want an open or a closed summer kitchen. An open-concept room will grant you the benefits of perfect ventilation, freshness, coolness and close-to-nature feel. However, in this case you are very likely to face such nuisances as insects and birds, as well as dust and fallen leaves that the wind will blow in. A closed type will save you from all of these problems, but there’s no need to isolate the space completely – remember that the main purpose of a summer kitchen is to save you from hotness and stuffiness. So, a win-win option is a kitchen with big opening windows and/or sliding glass doors. Moreover, you may opt for light and breathable materials for the walls, like bamboo, for example. Also, it may be a good idea to close the kitchen just partially, leaving one or a few sides open.

6-outdoor-summer-kitchen-interior-design-ideas-open-free-standing-isolated-separate-columns-stone-metal-cabinets-dining-area-stools 7-outdoor-summer-kitchen-exterior-design-idea-red-glazed-closed-isolated-free-standing-separate-garden-dining-area-zone-table-benches

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