Top American Furniture Trends: Review of High Point Market (Part 2)

May 30, 2017
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We’re continuing our review of American furniture trends and novelties that could be found in April at High Point Market. By the way, this exhibition is not a copy of European trade fairs. Here you wouldn’t find any exhibition pavilions, like in Paris or Milan. This show is actually held in kind of a makeshift town with loads of multistory buildings housing show rooms and stands of furniture mills, as well as huge free-standing show-rooms of the most prominent American producers of furnishing solutions and home décor. So, let’s continue our journey!


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Textures in American interiors

Luxury-style collections for the year 2017 are characterized by moderation and elegancy: shagreen leather of quiet natural shades, hypertrophied patterns of snake skin, sophisticated beauty of rare natural stone species framed by noble woods, slim lines of golden leaves, matte brass and bronze… But there are a few trends that are obviously dominating this season. The freshest one is the combination of different materials in finishes and upholstery: for example, versatile species of wood mixed in one piece of furniture, varied types of upholstery on one product and etc.; the color palette is common in general, but the exterior side of the backrest is more accenting and the inner side and seat are usually more reserved and cozy (leather/velvet, silk/velvet and so on).

5-1-beautiful-coffee-table-blue-semi-precious-stone-cross-sections-cuts-top-beautiful-texture 5-2-beautiful-coffee-table-blue-semi-precious-stone-cross-sections-cuts-top-beautiful-texture 5-3-metal-console-table-with-doors-decorated-with-natural-stone-cross-section-cut-texture 5-4-wooden-coffee-table-made-from-wood-tree-trunk-cross-section-cuts

Cuban style in American interiors

The discovery of HPMKT Spring 2017 is motifs of Cuba – this year you could find a bunch of collections inspired by the style of Ernest Hemingway’s house, Havana’s mood and the tropics. It’s not in the least surprising in the context of warming of the relationships between the USA and the Liberty Island and the increasing popularity of outdoor style in the states that are not as hot as Florida or California.

6-1-Ernest-Hemingway-collection-by-Thomasville-Cuban-style-beige-living-room-suite-set-three-seat-sofa-two-symmetrical-coffee-table-lamps 6-2-Cuban-style-bedroom-suite-set-dark-wooden-bed-chest-of-drawers-with-cabinets-bedside-tables-lamps-nightstands-carpeting 6-3-cuban-style-cabinet-chest-of-drawers-solid-natural-wood-rocking-chair-with-red-leather-cushion-backrest-seat

Acryl in American interiors

One more trend is transparent acryl – it could be found not just in traditional spots, such as console or coffee table’s bases, chair legs or furniture handles, but even in frameworks of massive canopy beds. Let’s see how long this trend will endure…

7-1-gray-and-blue-bedroom-set-suite-transparent-acrylic-canopy-bed-framework-couch-coffee-table-mirrored-nightstands-bedside-tables-lamps-furniture 7-4-gray-couch-with-metal-arm-rests-transparent-acrylic-backrest-gray-cushion 7-2-furniture-with-transparent-acrylic-elements-nightstand-sides-chair-wardrobe-door-handles

Art in American interiors

American-style interiors are traditionally characterized by much attention to wall décor. This year it seems to have absorbed all the top trends of furniture design: wood and semi-precious stone cross-sections were offered by Uttermost and Phillips Collection and the trendiest color scheme was embodied in the Thom Filicia’s collection for Wendover Gallery.

8-1-wall-decor-art-natural-wood-cross-section-tree-trunks-cuts 8-2-wall-decor-art-natural-wood-cross-section-tree-trunks-cuts 8-3-blue-and-white-wall-decor-artworks-pictures

Fans of comfortable gatherings in speak-easy style can now find more and more bar stools that are as comfortable as full-fledged dining chairs. And the Century brand offers a matching high square table, which ensures as relaxing atmosphere as at a big conventional dining table. This seems like a great idea for the time, when bar-style meetings with friends are held far more regularly than obligatory pompous tablefuls.



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