Top American Style Trends: Review of High Point Market Fair (Part 1)

May 30, 2017
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Every spring international designers are attracted to Milan, to the world’s most visited trade fair dedicated to interior design. At the same time every April in the United States of America is marked by an event that is not in the least inferior to European fairs. We speak about High Point Market that is held in the city of High Point and accumulates the best manufacturers of furniture in America. Its exhibition area is about 10 times bigger than in Milan and visiting every stand and show room is just impossible. That’s why we decided to show you a short summary of what could be found in High Point this spring – key trends, novelties, motifs and textures of American interiors… Let’s begin!


Trends and novelties in American interiors

New aesthetical, interior and fashion trends are, as a general rule, a mere reflection of current wishes and desires of consumers. And High Point Market is not an exception in this sense: the exhibition demonstrates softness, tranquility and moderation in everything, including colors, forms and materials. Turbulent and unpredictable situation in the world’s economy and politics is opposed by earthy interior colors, soft and pleasant-to-touch textures, the beauty of natural stone and rare wood species. The proverb “My home is my castle” is more relevant than ever, and interior trends follow the consumer’s wish to create a “safe haven” on his own territory, offering the sense of depth, coziness, hominess and nostalgic retro motifs of the happy childhood.


Colors in American interiors

Spring interior collection features the entire range of tranquil bluish green range: here you will find mesmerizing depth of Leafy Bower and versatile shades of Aquamarine, from saturated sea-green color to light turquoise and cheerful and successful Tiffany. Still popular hues of gray are now complemented with the range of Hazelnut tints – from light hazelnut to a complex shade of “brownish green eyes”. Bright pink and orange colors are gradually replaced with powdered shades. And cold pure white is abandoned in favor of warm shades of vanilla ice-cream and ivory.

2-1-American-style-furniture-collection-2017-in-interior-design-High-Point-Market-Fair-Spring-2017-blue-rounded-arm-chair-soft-cozy-with-slim-brass-legs-glass-and-metal-transparent-shelving-unit 2-2-American-style-furniture-collection-2017-in-interior-design-High-Point-Market-Fair-Spring-2017-white-upholstered-capitone-arm-chairs-without-arm-rests-blue-velvet-padded-stools 2-3-American-style-furniture-collection-2017-in-interior-design-High-Point-Market-Fair-Spring-2017-beige-sofa-blue-rug-white-geometrical-pattern-blue-arm-chairs-with-wooden-finishes-glass-coffee-table-living-room-set-suite

Shapes in American interiors

Forms and shapes are also getting more rounded and soft. Nice proofs to this fact are bean-shaped ottomans, curved tete-a-tete couches, round-molded backs of arm-chairs and slim curved arm-rests in the shape of wings designed by David Phoenix for Hickory Chair. And soft rounded shapes of furniture pieces in mid-century style are going in line with two top trends at a time: no sharp corners and retro accents. Such products could be found in the debut collection by Ellen DeGeneres, a media star, for Thomasville, which is quite unexpected per se. As for ever-trendy geometrical patterns, they are dominated by loads of circles and ovals too.


Eco-friendly materials in American interiors

The naturalistic theme in patterns is represented by mostly foliage and waves. The spice of this season is plenty of finishes in sisal – cabinet doors and backrests of upholstered furniture by many companies feature this material. In general, both from visual and tactile aspects, everything was very soft and comfy: velvet, chenille, felt. Wooden surfaces demonstrated the fruits of new polishing techniques, which give the wood pleasant smoothness and accentuate its natural grain at the same time. New collections of rugs also follow all the above-mentioned trends in colors, ornaments and textures.

4-1-American-style-furniture-collection-2017-in-interior-design-High-Point-Market-Fair-Spring-2017-big-blue-arm-chairs-living-room-set-suite-geometrical-artwork-wall-art-coffee-table-rug-shelving-unit-floor-vase 4-2-American-style-furniture-collection-2017-in-interior-design-High-Point-Market-Fair-Spring-2017-mixed-material-coffee-tables-blue-and-white-geometrical-patterns0rug-vase 4-3-American-style-furniture-collection-2017-in-interior-design-High-Point-Market-Fair-Spring-2017-velvety-rug-dining-room-suite-set-oval-wooden-table-blue-upholstered-chairs-velvety-cushions 4-4-American-style-furniture-collection-2017-in-interior-design-High-Point-Market-Fair-Spring-2017-living-room-set-suite-cupboard-glass-display-cabinet-blue-arm-chairs-big-round-padded-stool-ottoman-coffee-table-geometrical

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