Low-Cost One-Room Interior for a Contemporary Old Lady

June 30, 2017
Posted in Apartments

The owner of this small one-room apartment with the total area of 37.5 square meters is an old lady, who was dreaming about refreshing her interior quickly and cheaply. In terms of layout she was unwilling to change anything:  this would take months of construction works and much time to agree all the changes with the respective authorities. Besides, the mistress believes that any significant alterations might lower the market liquidity of the apartment. The qualified designer she hired was given a task to create a light contemporary apartment without any hint on “grandma’s style”.


And the primary issue was sticking to the limited budget. For a start selected were pretty affordable finishing materials: laminate for the living room and corridor flooring and ceramic granite for the mudroom and kitchen zones. The walls were coated with wallpaper and the ceiling – with a stretch fabric. The kitchen backsplash was decorated with ceramic mosaic tiles, and the bathroom – with ceramic tiles. Such expenditures appeared to be pretty satisfying for an old lady, and to crown it all tiles are easy-to-clean, which is also important for the mistress.

The only living room was designed as a lounge with a guest sleeping place and a full-fledged master bedroom zone. And here is one more tip for money-saving: the sleeping area is separated from the lounge with common curtains. As compared to plasterboard constructions or room dividers, the drapery proved to be the most economical choice. Besides, when textile is picked competently, such a solution looks both aesthetically pleasing and cozy.

Put in the middle of the room was a low coffee table in transparent plastics. Within a limited area lacking natural light such an airy piece of furniture is a true must-have.

A special role in the project was given to geometrical motifs: in the living room the most active piece is a black and white rug on the floor matched by an almost similar wallpaper print on the bedroom wall part.


The work area was organized by the window: in the daytime it’s perfectly lit, which guarantees comfortable reading and computer use. Old stuff means much to the hostess of the apartment, and hence the author of the project had to fit an old chest of drawers into the new interior. Thanks to a contemporary trim and re-painting it perfectly blends with the new modern style of this home.


Before the renovation most of the room was occupied by a dark massive wall-to-wall living room range. Now its place is taken by a compact suite with glossy white doors arranged in such a way, that it may seem that the room is far bigger than it really is.


In the corridor the door leading to the living room is framed by roomy storage cabinets. Such a designer solution entailed the installation of a sliding door, which appeared to be both practical and aesthetical. Opposite the entrance door there’s a custom-made open rack for keeping small stuff. To crown it all, all the above-mentioned storage areas are complemented with a big wardrobe installed opposite the bed.


The kitchen is equipped with an L-shaped suite, a refrigerator and a transformable dining table with a glass top. By the way, the geometrical theme is also present here: a pendant lamp with a fancifully-patterned lampshade, dining chairs with curved geometrical backrests and finally a Roman blind with a black-and-white print.


The kitchen set is complemented with 4 wall-mounted modules. Being just 20-cm-deep and equipped with white matte glass doors, they give additional room for storing tableware and do not overload the space at the same time. Stored beneath them are extra folding chairs for guests.


The bathroom is pretty neat and tidy: all domestic and bathroom accessories are stored in a wall-mounted vanity unit and a tall cabinet above the washing machine.


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