All You Wanted to Know about Furniture for One-Room Apartments

July 15, 2017
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Feeling comfortable in a small one-room apartment is not so simple, but quite possible. All you have to know is a few designer tricks, which would help arrange furniture in such a way that your tight space would feel visually bigger, more convenient and 100% functional. Here they are!


1. Furniture instead of walls and partitions

Your furniture, for instance, a bar table, a sofa with a tall backrest or a chest of drawers, is absolutely able to divide your living space into functional zones, separating a kitchen with a dining area from a lounge zone or a sleeping space from a lounge. This way you’ll be able to preserve the sense of lightness and airiness within a tight room.

1-1-one-room-apartment-interior-design-ideas-bedroom-bed-in-living-room-lounge-zone-sleeping-area-perforated-decorative-screen-divider-white-gray-walls-TV-stand-purple-accents-arm-chair-sofa-table-lamp 1-2-one-room-apartment-interior-design-ideas-traditional-style-living-room-bed-sleeping-area-in-the-living-room-decorative-room-divider-eco-style-screen-TV-set-wooden-chest-of-drawers-sofa-arm-chair 1-3-studio-apartment-interior-design-ideas-open-concept-kitchen-living-room-lounge-yellow-corner-sofa-light-green-kitchen-cabinets-pendant-lamps-TV-set-roman-blinds-Mettlach-tiles-backsplash

2. No blind spots

When it comes to interior design of tiny apartments, it’s crucial to use every inch of the precious space in the most rational way. This is especially relevant for so-called blind spots: sections of walls between windows or doors, areas along the perimeters of interior doors and so on. The most logical solution is to utilize these dead zones as shelving units or bookshelves.

2-1-one-room-apartment-interior-design-ideas-wall-panelling-bi-color-white-and-green-wall-built-in-glass-display-cabinet-cupboard-floral-sofa-curtains-geometrical-motifs-sconces-conditioner 2-2-one-room-apartment-interior-design-ideas-mudroom-entrance-zone-room-divider-coat-rack-shoe-bench-wall-mounted-TV-double-sided-furniture-hallway-brown-wooden-doors

3. Podiums

Why not raise your bed on an upper level? You’d win plenty of space beneath. With a lift-up mechanism you may arrange a nice spot for storing bedding, pillows and blankets. Or you may opt for roll-out cabinets or drawers. A similar option that takes less time, money and effort is a loft bed. Its bottom level can be organized as a mini-lounge or a full-fledged work area.


4. Stackable and multi-functional items

A small space should be adapted for any life circumstances, and hence be furnished with stackable pieces of furniture as far as it is possible. Consider small-smaller-and-even-smaller sets of tables or folding dining chairs that don’t take much space. One more good idea for one-room apartments is multifunctional pieces of furniture, say ottomans, coffee tables, benches and full-length mirrors with storage areas inside.

4-3-compact-furniture-for-small-apartment-ideas-stackable-chairs 4-1-multifunctional-furniture-design-ideas-white-glossy-coffee-table-multi-layered 4-2-small-kitchen-interior-design-ideas-cabinets-folding-dining-chairs-refrigerator-behind-the-door-roman-blinds-dining-table-black-chairs-yellow-flowers-stripy-wallpaper 4-4-compact-furniture-for-small-apartment-ideas-stackable-multi-colored-stools-blue-yellow-black

5. Transformable items

Such things are just perfect for use in limited areas. Most of us are well familiar with folding arm-chairs and sofas that can be converted into beds within a few seconds. What is more important, such models are very popular and affordable to any categories of customers. While compact super-furniture, like a Murphy bed that can be hinged at one end to store vertically inside a closet, is unfortunately not so wide-spread and cheap.

5-1-multifunctional-furniture-for-small-apartments-ideas-black-wooden-writing-desk-with-transformable-top-storage-area-inside 5-2-1-multifunctional-furniture-for-small-apartments-ideas-transformable-bed-and-writing-desk-2-in-1-work-area-sleeping-place-yellow-pink-pop-art-style-folding 5-2-2-multifunctional-furniture-for-small-apartments-ideas-transformable-bed-and-writing-desk-2-in-1-work-area-sleeping-place-yellow-pink-pop-art-style-folding

6. Mirrors, glass and transparent plastic

The lighter and airier a small apartment is, the more spacious it feels. Transparent glass or plastic pieces of furniture or models with mirrored surfaces would either “vanish” in a room or expand it visually thanks to their reflective surfaces. Besides, a mirror is able to double the visual volume; the key thing about it is to find a perfect location. The win-win option is opposite the window or by the doorway leading to the adjacent room.


7. Bespoke furniture

Every centimeter counts in a one-room apartment and if you can’t find a piece of furniture with ideal dimensions, it’d be great to have it custom-made. The best way to create an integral, non-cluttered interior is to use furniture built-in flush with the existing or specially constructed wall recesses. Make sure that your closets and other elements of the composition fit exactly by depth – cabinet doors that project from the wall line even slightly look untidy and obstruct the traffic.

7-1-one-room-apartment-interior-design-ideas-mudroom-entrance-hall-hallway-big-mirror-full-length-floor-to-ceiling-mirrored-wall-mirror-wall-panels-bench-coat-rack 7-2-one-room-apartment-interior-design-ideas-bed-sleeping-area-in-the-living-room-lounge-zone-mirrored-glass-wardrobe-doors-recessed-closet-built-in-curtained-shelving-unit

8. Hidden potential

Hidden reserves are always present in our interiors – just look at the area right below the ceiling and on your floor line. Give preference to floor-standing models instead of cabinets and chests on legs, opt for folding sofas with a bedding storage zone inside and etc. Remember ceiling cabinets: they may be either built-in or combined with a free-standing closet. Wall-mounted top cabinets can be doubled by a second line of cabinets between them and the ceiling – in the kitchen it’s a great zone for keeping holiday and Christmas tableware sets and in the living room – a good area for storing seasonal stuff, in a word things you don’t use often. Picking up furniture for a tight apartment, give preference to pieces that look like continuation of walls and don’t form any color or finishing contrasts. And don’t save on transformable pieces: a low price is as a rule an indicator of low-quality materials and unreliable mechanisms.


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