How to Decorate Outdoor Wedding: Original Ideas for Romantic Garden

August 3, 2017
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Summer wedding is a nice reason to go beyond traditional indoor celebrations. For instance, it would be a good idea to abandon a stuffy restaurant hall in favor of a romantically decorated garden. Plenty of greenery, blooming flowers and beautiful lights create stunning and inspiring atmosphere for one of the most important days in the life. Nature per se can adorn any celebration, but some thematic décor would be good too. And we have a few ideas on making the right setting in the garden.


Firstly, you should realize that green trees and shrubs are beautiful per se, so there’s no use in arranging as much décor as in an indoor wedding. Candles in transparent holders, flowers in versatile vases, paper and wicker pendant décor – all these things would look natural and harmonious, so, please, resist your temptation to tie satin ribbons and bows around tree trunks :-)


The best choice for the garden is wooden furniture. Even rough wooden tables, chairs and benches would look charming and stylish when coupled with holiday décor. Just don’t forget to put pillows and cushions for the sake of your guests’ convenience.

2-2-outdoor-wedding-in-the-garden-decoration-ideas-beautiful-decor-wooden-tables-flowers-birch-trees-candle-holders-lights 2-3-outdoor-wedding-in-the-garden-decoration-ideas-beautiful-decor-vintage-wooden-furniture-tables-benches-hanging-lanterns-candle-holders-flowers 2-1-outdoor-wedding-in-the-garden-decoration-ideas-beautiful-decor-vintage-style-wooden-furniture-table-chairs-flowers-cage

One of the most logical and natural solutions for a festive table setting is versatile flower compositions. And we don’t necessarily mean cut flowers – you may put compact potted plants on the tables and they would look absolutely gorgeous. And if you stick numbers to the pots, you’ll be able to do without conventional cardboard table numbers.

3-2-outdoor-wedding-in-the-garden-decoration-ideas-beautiful-decor-table-setting-pink-candles-flowers 3-1-outdoor-wedding-in-the-garden-decoration-ideas-beautiful-decor-table-settings-flowers-simple-table-numbers

Similarly guest name cards can be arranged on stylized fruits. This solution would look unhackneyed, sweet and very summer-style.

4-1-outdoor-wedding-in-the-garden-decoration-ideas-beautiful-decor-guest-name-cards-on-apples-stylized-creative-ideas-handmade 4-2-outdoor-wedding-in-the-garden-decoration-ideas-beautiful-decor-guest-name-cards-on-white-painted-peaches-tray-stylized-creative-ideas-handmade

The role of an ornamental centerpiece that would catch the eyes of your guests can be given to an authentic bar made from old pallets or to a makeshift buffet table created from a vintage cart. Such details would be appropriate even on a most exquisite wedding.


Also, don’t forget about the swing: dressed up with flowers and ribbons, it will be a great decorative piece for stunning wedding photos and a good place for entertainment.


If not just the dinner, but the entire ceremony is held in the garden, you should take care about a wonderful wedding arch. You may opt for a classical version – with a wrought metal or wooden frame decorated with flowers…

7-3-outdoor-wedding-in-the-garden-decoration-ideas-beautiful-decor-total-white-flowers-arch-drapery-chairs 7-2-outdoor-wedding-in-the-garden-decoration-ideas-beautiful-decor-wedding-arch-drapery-flowers-living-creeping-plants

…or be more creative and arrange an arch from wooden ladders, tree branches or common timbers.


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