The World’s Longest Pedestrian-Only Suspension Bridge Opened!

August 3, 2017
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Last Saturday the world was officially complemented with one more record-breaking bridge, and this time it’s not in China: the celebration took place in a small village of Randa in the south of Switzerland. The bridge dubbed Europabrücke (which stands for “The European Bridge”) stretches 494 meters above a huge abyss, 85 meters above the ground.


The newly-opened bridge is a part of a picturesque “Europaweg” foot trail, which connects two small Swiss towns – Zermatt and Graechen. Hikers from all over the world have already tested the new structure and were impressed with the updated speed of getting over the gap: the entire bridge can be now crossed within just 10-15 minutes, while the previous root took pedestrians about 4 fours. The trip over the abyss is surrounded by splendid views of the Matterhorn, Weisshorn and the Bernese Alps. Of course, in case one can look around when walking down the structure that is just 65 centimeters wide and seems to be hanging in the sky ;-)


The journey is now far safer and more pleasing, since Swiss engineers have equipped the new bridge with a special anti-vibration mechanism. Strong suspension ropes weigh about 8 tones. By the way, there was a bridge here before, but it was closed in 2010, pretty soon after the opening, due to rockfalls occurring at the securing points.


The new bridge cost about 660,000 Euro. The sum was collected by 5 bordering cantons and private sponsors. Amazingly, it was constructed within just 2.5 months.


Now it’s the longest suspension bridge in the world, though not the highest one. For instance, a 405-meter bridge in Austria is located 110 meters above the ground, and the previous record 430-meter bridge in China runs 300 meters above the ground and has a glass bottom.

However, despite this fact, the feeling of walking above the abyss, even 85 meters above the ground, in the Alps is incredible and unforgettable, according to the witnesses.

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