No Blind Walls: 20 Creative Room Dividers (P.2)

August 14, 2017
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If you still didn’t find a suitable variant for zoning your rooms in Part 1 of this post, don’t worry – we have 10 more ideas for you!


Matrioshka principle

11. Futuristic cube

The anchorage of frameless glass sheets are hidden in an L-shaped highlighted recess, which turns the sleeping zone into a futuristic object at nights. And sheer curtains arranged along the perimeter of the cube allow for creating a private space.


12. Lightbox

The borders of a sleeping zone located in the middle of the apartment are set by a slim welded metal framework that is almost invisible. And when white curtains are closed, the room looks like a lightbox.


Mobile partitions

13. Sliding tinted glass partition

The issue of cooking smells is one the most problematic aspects of open-plan kitchens and living rooms. Sliding doors in tinted glass allow for creating scenarios for different functional needs of the hosts, making the spaces either open and interactive or absolutely isolated. At the same time one can get into a hall from both rooms.


14. Sliding partition

Here is one more project with sliding glass doors. But this time horizontal bars clearly set the borders between different functional areas.


Textile partitions

15. Textile drapery

In this example the kitchen can be isolated from the lounge zone by textile curtains.


16. Draperies in doorways

Here beautiful draperies hanging in open doorways visually divide the kitchen, entrance hall and living room.


17. Neutral curtains

This room with a bay window was divided into a bedroom and living room by means of sliding glass doors coupled with draperies. Such a mobile solution allows for creating a single open space with enough daylight in both parts, and dense curtains can isolate the sleeping zone when needed. At the same time the fabric was selected to perfectly match gray walls and hence looks neutral from both sides of the partition.


Shelving partitions

18. Geometrical abstraction

An open double-sided shelving unit indicates the border of the room and forms a full-fledged storage system at the same time. Thanks to its openness the hall gets enough daylight from the living room.


19. Functionality

Here double-sided shelves divide a living room and bedroom while preserving a high degree of insolation.


20. Books, books, books…

And in this project a three-segment open shelving unit separates a work area from the bedroom zone.


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