Living Moss in Interior Design: 25 Ideas and Care Tips

August 20, 2017
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One of the hottest trends of interior design for today is eco style. Virtually every decorator is committed to adding something related to this theme into a new project. Considering its numerous benefits, living moss has become one of the leading elements of eco-style. It’s beautiful, aesthetical, undemanding, practical, durable and eco-friendly. It actually has no disadvantages. There is just one condition: you have to keep it away from kids and pets in order to avoid their food poisoning, since moss is inedible. And how and where it can be applied in home décor, we’ll tell you in our today’s post.


1. Moss compositions

Interesting compositions with the addition of natural moss bring freshness and diversity to any interiors. They can be arranged in vases, pots, bowls or anything else and easily handmade by yourself. You can even bring moss from a forest – just make sure it has some soil to be able to adapt for new living conditions. Prepare a container with drainage and put the moss along with moisturized soil on the bottom. You may complement the composition with tree branches, leaves, pines, artificial flowers, pebbles and shells – it all depends on your imagination and creativity.

1-1-stabilized-natural-living-moss-in-interior-design-home-decor-composition-in-a-white-vase-green-books 1-3-stabilized-natural-living-moss-in-interior-design-home-decor-composition-in-a-wooden-bowl-eco-style-pebbles 1-4-stabilized-natural-living-moss-in-interior-design-home-decor-eco-style-composition-birds 1-5-stabilized-natural-living-moss-in-interior-design-home-decor-eco-style-composition-candle

2. Moss wall art

A living wall in natural moss is a unique novelty of the interior design industry, which becomes increasingly popular. Moss is extremely pleasing to touch and it perfectly absorbs sounds. The composition can be given any size and shape, including ellipses, spheres, cubes and 3-dimensional installations.

Such a piece of art is created by means of soaking natural living moss in special liquids, which basically preserve it, though the process is called stabilization. Thereby moss not just manages to keep all its original natural characteristics, but also gains a bunch of new useful features: it no longer rots and deteriorates, and mold and bacteria will no longer be able to live in it. Then it’s attached to an MDF backing, which can be made waterproof or fire-resistant at the customer’s request.

Given that moss is natural, it can dry out in case the relative humidity of the environment drops to below 60%. In this case you need to give it a light shower, and that’s it!

2-1-stabilized-natural-living-moss-in-interior-design-home-decor-eco-style-accent-wall-in-a-living-room-shelving-unit-backing-display-glass-tableware 2-3-stabilized-natural-living-moss-in-interior-design-home-decor-eco-style-vertical-wall-garden-in-bedroom-gray-bed-linen-white-walls-three-windows-air-conditioner 2-4-stabilized-natural-living-moss-in-interior-design-home-decor-eco-style-vertical-garden-wall-background-for-bookshelves 2-5-stabilized-natural-living-moss-in-interior-design-home-decor-eco-style-accent-wall-in-bedroom-vertical-garden-nightstands-pillows-bed-lamps

3. Dyed moss wall panels

As soon as stabilized moss was attached to the backing, it can be given any color and shade with the help of natural dyes. Such a panel can be placed in any spot: in a living room above the sofa, on a kitchen backsplash or even on an accent wall of the bathroom.

3-2-stabilized-natural-living-moss-in-interior-design-home-decor-eco-style-on-kitchen-wall-backsplash-brick-tiles 3-3-stabilized-natural-living-moss-in-interior-design-home-decor-eco-style-painted-orange-on-kitchen-backsplash 3-4-stabilized-natural-living-moss-in-interior-design-home-decor-eco-style-wall-panel-multicolor-red-orange-brown-painted-dyed
3-1-stabilized-natural-living-moss-in-interior-design-home-decor-eco-style-living-room-wooden-3d-wall-ceiling-decor-chaise-lounge-coffee-table-with-glass-top-green-sofa-yellow-orange-accents 3-5-stabilized-natural-living-moss-in-interior-design-home-decor-eco-style-wall-art-in-living-room-sofa-coffee-table

4. Furniture with moss inclusions

Coffee tables, nightstands, lamps and even ottomans can be decorated with living moss. And don’t think that such a piece of furniture is available only in an expensive store. You may use your imagination and make it on your own. For this purpose you’ll need a ready-made moss module and a coffee table with a glass top. Just put the moss under the glass and that’s it!

4-1-stabilized-natural-living-moss-in-interior-design-home-decor-eco-style-furniture-coffee-table-living-room-white-sofa-wooden-stools-rug 4-2-stabilized-natural-living-moss-in-interior-design-home-decor-eco-style-living-room-coffee-table-vertical-garden-wall-decor-white-sofas-walls 5-0-bright-green-yellow-orange-designer-coffee-table-whimmings-legs-tempered-glass-top-stabilized-moss-eco-style 4-4-stabilized-natural-living-moss-in-interior-design-home-decor-eco-style-living-room-coffee-table

5. Small moss details

Now you can enjoy the close-to-nature feeling in your home thanks to awesome living décor. Modern designers have learned to make rugs, multicolor pictures, photo frames, decorative balls and even 3D letters decorated with moss. Even a small inclusion of this spectacular natural material may set the atmosphere of hominess and freshness.

5-4-stabilized-natural-living-moss-in-interior-design-home-decor-eco-style-bathroom-bath-mat-rug 4-3-stabilized-natural-living-moss-in-interior-design-home-decor-eco-style-lamp-decorated-with-moss-bedside-bedroom-gray-bed-white-linen 5-6-stabilized-natural-living-moss-in-interior-design-home-decor-eco-style-decorative-letters-sam 5-1-stabilized-natural-living-moss-in-interior-design-home-decor-eco-style-decorative-balls-photo-frame-candle-composition

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