Cheerful Christmas DIY Ideas of Old Light Bulb Recycling

November 29, 2017
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Christmas is gradually approaching our doorsteps, which means it’s just perfect timing to generate new holiday home decoration ideas and make family evenings more fruitful and creative. Most of the ideas we’ve collected in this post can be implemented with the participation of kids, and the main component for all these DIY decorations is absolutely trivial – common light bulbs.


The simplest, yet very spectacular idea implies the use of just two components – some glue and glitter.


The next level of complexity requires more imagination and sense of beauty, because you need to find materials for a handmade nose, antlers, eyes and wings.

2-1-old-light-bulbs-recycling-reuse-ideas-DIY-handmade-Christmas-decorations-deer 2-2-old-light-bulbs-recycling-reuse-ideas-DIY-handmade-Christmas-tree-decorations-bees

Your kids are keen on painting and know how a brush and some gouache can make miracles, don’t they? Great! Here is a bunch of ideas for your family!

3-3-old-light-bulbs-recycling-reuse-ideas-DIY-handmade-painted-Christmas-tree-decorations-snowman 3-1-old-light-bulbs-recycling-reuse-ideas-DIY-handmade-painted-Christmas-tree-decorations-penguins

These handmade bouquets look like pieces of art. But a more careful look would tell you that they take just a bunch of differently shaped old bulbs, a third of which are coated with golden spray paint.


Even a Bethlehem star can be created from a set of old light bulbs.


Are you pretty good with polymer clay? It’s high time to move on to the next level of mastery!


The word “Craquelure” makes you tick, doesn’t it? Then it’s high time to visit a DIY store and get down to work!


A mini-garden with Christmas spirit will take you just a few bulbs, an old garland and a piece of wire.


A rich collection of similar light bulbs and a set of gouache paint is a good reason to make a stunning Christmas wreath.


Something simple and something complicated can form something bright, charming and one-of-a-kind!


Tiny stuff that you kept in tiny boxes for months “just in case” can now be given a second chance.


Older children can be involved in something more complicated. And a small sketch prepared in the very beginning will definitely speed up the process.


If paper and scissors inspire your kid more than paint and a brush, it’s not a problem. We have a couple of ideas for you too!


“Living” Christmas tree decorations are, perhaps, the nicest and most inspiring of the old light bulb recycling ideas we have for you today.


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