How to Create a Vintage-Style Bathroom? (P.2)

December 12, 2017
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If you like total-white interiors, just a few details in vintage style would be enough: a bouquet of fresh flowers, an elegant gray or beige wrought shelf and several towels in pastel shades.


In such a bathroom you never know what to look at in the first turn: incredible floral wallpaper, a snow-white bath from the 20th century or amazing mirrors in antique frames.


One more hue recommended for fans of vintage bathroom interiors is soft green. Being one of the trendiest colors for today, it looks delicate and stylish in the company of neutral grey walls and pure white sanitary porcelain. And a splash of bright color can be added by a bouquet of flowers in a common transparent vase.


You might think that lilac color is totally out of fashion, but in this very bathroom it looks just gorgeous. The key is to pick out the right color combinations. Delicate tint of lilac petals is perfectly matched by saturated, dark purple accents. While the role of two neutral background colors is perfectly played by white and powder beige.


If your heart longs for summer and brightness, have a look at this bathroom! Wooden paneling of bright turquoise color, pink patchwork-style wall tiles, floral floor and some lightweight eclectic décor create a stunning vintage interior with the spirit of countryside.


If you’re not in the mood for profound renovation, just add some retro accents to your interior! Just hang a vintage sign above the sink, replace your common monochrome towels with brighter samples of the 1960s and your plastic liquid soap dispenser – with a sweet handmade piece.


Pastel stripy wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to travel back in time. Add a few glass jars, wicker baskets, flower vases and a vintage calendar to get your own perfect-vintage-bathroom-interior formula.


Perhaps, almost each and every girl dreams of a boudoir of her own. And a bathroom is the best room for creating such a beauty nook. For instance, the hostess of this interior must have been inspired by the atmosphere of French women’s rooms of the last century. The white-and-pink color couple is always a win-win option, especially when it’s accompanied by pastel blue accents and fanciful hand mirrors.


And one more duet that is worth mentioning is the combination of pink and yellow. We recommend using it not just in finishing, but also in décor. For instance, why not put a total-pink chest of drawers against the same-colored wall?


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