Wood Burning Fireplaces: Review of Materials & Best Ideas (P.1)

January 3, 2018
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As a proud “heir” of primitive fire pits, a fireplace has symbolized well-being and prosperity of homes for centuries. It is an embodiment of coziness, luxury and good taste. And there’s absolutely no need to have a huge cottage in the suburbs to enjoy this sweet source of heat and joy in your living room. Today’s abundance of bio-fireplaces makes an option of having an atmosphere of a fire pit possible even for limited city apartments. But today we’d like to speak about genuine, wood burning fireplaces – the ones in which you can throw another log and enjoy the lovely little crackle of ember in a comfy arm-chair…



Of course, we do not mean that a fireplace itself can be made in concrete; this material just can’t stand regular overheating. At the same time a fireplace surround can be safely finished with concrete, especially when it comes to minimalistic interiors, or if natural simplicity is just what makes you tick. Besides, any type of concrete can be coated with a layer of plaster to match any wall color scheme and get any hint on brutality off. The result would look quite simple, but stylish and tasteful at the same time. Moreover, if you once feel the need for fresh emotions, there would be no problem in repainting concrete orange, green, red or any other color you like.

1-1-wood-burning-fireplace-ideas-decoration-in-interior-design-concrete-finishing-Christmas-decorations-boy-portrait-classical-style-wrought-lanterns-decor 1-2-wood-burning-fireplace-ideas-decoration-in-interior-design-concrete-finishing-classical-style-high-ceiling-Christmas-decorations-wreath-candles-columns-plaster 1-6-wood-burning-fireplace-ideas-decoration-in-interior-design-concrete-finishing-in-ethnic-style-carpet-pillows-arm-chair 1-7-wood-burning-fireplace-ideas-decoration-in-interior-design-concrete-finishing-in-oriental-style-wall-recesses-niches-for-storing-log-fire-bowl-lamp-pillows-beige-walls-ethnic-motifs 1-8-wood-burning-fireplace-ideas-decoration-in-interior-design-concrete-finishing-in-contemporary-style-dining-room-arm-chair

Note: Your expenditures on a new fireplace primarily depend on the structure of the fireplace you select. But be sure that your biggest input would be decoration and finishing, especially if you feel like using contemporary building materials, such as decorative bricks, expensive wood species, or stone.


Brick masonry

Brick masonry is, perhaps, the most popular material for fireplace décor. In fact, it is appropriate for any interior style, but the best “partners” for bricks are eco style, Scandinavian motifs or classical notes. Wood, leather and natural materials are ideal matches for bricks. So, if your interior features a leather sofa, linen curtains, wooden figurines and a few flower pots, it would be just perfect. Anyway, as soon as this centerpiece of heat and coziness appears in your room, you’ll immediately feel what details and things should be added for the sake of a perfect composition.

2-1-wood-burning-fireplace-ideas-decoration-in-interior-design-brick-masonry-finishing-white-wall-wrought-forged-decorative-screen-grid-black-metal 2-2-wood-burning-fireplace-ideas-decoration-in-interior-design-brick-masonry-finishing-in-traditional-style-living-room-white-mantelpiece-candles-floor-vase-photo-ship-model-beige-walls 2-3-wood-burning-fireplace-ideas-decoration-in-interior-design-brick-masonry-finishing-Scandinavian-eco-style-brutal-wooden-coffee-table-shaggy-rug-white-walls-floor-vases

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