4 Ideas for Easter Table Settings in Different Styles

March 26, 2018
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Easter is a great holiday and a perfect reason to get your family, friends and beloved around the table. Ideally, not just the meals and the conversation should be nice – table decoration is also quite important in setting the right mood and making this day very special. We chose 4 fresh Easter table decoration ideas to any taste, scenario and even interior style…


Spring motifs

For this scenario you’ll need a tablecloth and napkins made from natural materials (ideally, it should be linen without any bright patterns) and a set of monochrome tableware of green, white and cappuccino brown shades. Placemats can be either wicker or imitating the texture of grass. Naturally dyed Easter eggs would look perfect on plates decorated with moss or on makeshift bird’s nests. As additional décor you may safely use anything related to spring nature: bark of trees, birch or willow branches (either arranged in tall glass vases or wrapped into beautiful napkins), tender spring blossoms or green grass, which you can either plant beforehand by yourself or buy in a pet shop.


Holiday for kids

If you opt for this variant, you should be ready to use bright, lively spring colors: sky blue, egg yellow and light green. Kids are keen on animals, so they’d surely appreciate anything related to this topic: figurines of rabbits and hens, bunny-shaped egg holders or accordingly folded napkins. Cutlery can be wrapped in juicy orange napkins and tied up with green threads or ribbons, which would make them look like makeshift carrots for bunnies. Besides the table, you may decorate dining chairs with ribbons or paper garlands of matching colors. And with the help of paints, paper tissues, brushes and feathers kids will get a nice chance to decorate not just Easter eggs, but also their holders and guest table cards.

2-1-Easter-table-setting-ideas-table-decoration-for-kids-bright-blue-red-yellow-eggs-plate-with-paper-decor 2-2-Easter-table-setting-ideas-table-decoration-bright-for-kids-yellow-green-red-dyed-eggs-egg-basket-serving-plate

Provence style

Serenity of French Provence starts from an ecru cotton or lace tablecloth and pretty simple tableware with pastel patterns. When it comes to this interior style, the role of the centerpiece is given to tableware, so you should pay much attention to its selection. Opt for plates with floral motifs, cups with pastoral scenes and figurines of animals. Forget about any bright tones: Provence likes exclusively pastel shades, especially olive, lavender and pink. The same applies to the color of Easter eggs, by the way. The latter can be put into a wicker basket with a lace napkin inside. Metal pots, cast-iron candleholders and decorative cages would look just perfect on a Provence-style table, as well as vintage cutlery, porcelain saucers, a tray with exquisite handles or a silver-plated Grandma’s butter box. And a finishing touch can be brought by fresh magnolia or lavender flowers.


Elegant dinner

For this scenario we take a perfectly white and crisp tablecloth and a dinner set for special occasions decorated with some classical patterns, golden edges or monograms. The setting should be arranged by the book and include snack serving plates and a few types of cutlery. To enhance the sense of elegance and refinement you will need crystal glasses with long transparent stems, mirrored trays and tall candlesticks. Don’t be afraid to display Easter bunnies – just make sure they’re either white or silver-colored and made in china, glass or metal. The role of the centerpiece can be given to an Easter tree matching the color of tableware or other table decorations. And sophisticated golden or silver Easter eggs can be served on dessert plates with glass lids.


We hope that you found this post interesting and chose the right scenario for the coming holiday! Happy Easter Day!

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