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This category shares a collection of bathroom ideas to fit any taste and style. It guides you through a variety of bathroom designs and any issues arising therefrom. For example, the right choice of plumbing fixtures, from bathroom sinks to shower cabins, materials from which they are made and ways to combine and arrange them in a generally limited space. Also in this category you will find good advice on choosing the perfect bathroom decorative materials, their pros and cons, as well as numerous bathroom tile ideas, including indication of high quality, balance of colors, laying patterns and overall design concept. Should you be concerned about saving the space and organizing your items in a more rational way, then feel free to browse multiple images of bathroom shelves: anything from airy glass and lustrous metal constructions for hi-tech modern bathrooms to little wooden shelves in rustic-style interiors. We feel sure that here you will find loads of useful tips for creating a perfect contemporary bathroom.

  • 0-Provence-style-bathroom-interior-design-vintage-retro-bathtub-decor-pastel-colors-furniture-clawfoot-bath-shelves-window-basket

    Typical Features of Provence-Style Bathrooms

    Provence style is the embodiment of romance, peace, charming old times and exquisite décor. Do you want to literally dive into the atmosphere of the south of France when taking a bath? Then some traditional features of Provence, recalling memories of summer holidays in the…

  • 0-creative-hand-made-WC-restroom-toilet-sign-board

    5 Unusual and Creative Restroom Interior Designs

    A restroom is an extremely important component of any home. It must be all-inclusive – comprising comfort, convenience, functionality and nice design, of course. However, in real life we seldom care about the aesthetical aspect of our toilets. That’s why today we decided to show…

  • 0-DIY-bright-red-and-white-hand-made-flamenco-shower-curtain-with-ruffles-folds_cr_cr

    DIY: Bright Hand-Made Flamenco Shower Curtain

    If you feel the need to refresh your bathroom, the safest way to do it easily and at minimal cost is to replace the shower curtain. But there is even a simpler and safer option – try to brighten up the curtain you’ve got now….

  • 22-cheerful-pastel-white-and-yellow-bathroom-interior-design

    25 Cheerful Yellow Bathroom Interiors

    Yellow is the color of the sun that we lack so much, especially in winter. If up to know you haven’t dared to let it in to your interior, this cold January day is the best time. And what can be better for sunny yellow…

  • 3-5-black-and-white-bathroom-interior-design-tiles-bathtub-toilet-wash-basin

    Black-and-White Bathroom Interior Design Tips

    When it comes to bathroom interior color, there are no strict rules. Do you like green? Great! Is orange your passion? Then go ahead! The most important thing about it is that you should feel like entering this room over time. There’s no room for…

  • 00-safe-natural-bathroom-cleaner-cleaning-idea-life-hack

    Make Your Bathroom Sparkle With These Cleaning Hacks

    If cleaning companies are to be believed you need a different chemical product for every single cleaning job in the bathroom. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact you can clean your bathroom using everyday items and materials found around the house….

  • 0-bathroom-interior-design-ceiling-beams-traditional-style-brown-faux-wooden-furniture

    Bathroom Ceiling Design: 8 Nice Tips

    Usually, when it comes to bathroom renovation, we are more likely to start picking sanitary porcelain, wash basin cabinets and tiles. And very occasionally someone considers bathroom ceiling décor. That’s what we suggest you to think about that today.

  • 0-home-spa-beautiful-setting-candles-flowers-stones

    Must-Haves of Home Spa

    One of the latest trends of recent time is creating home spas. Present ever-accelerating lifestyle is filled with stressors and makes people seek ways to reduce physical and mental tension. A magical healing impact of spa procedures goes without saying and today we’ll find out…

  • 2-laufen-bathroom-showroom-madrid-spain-designer-bath-bathtub-Patricia-Urquiola

    New “Laufen Bathrooms” Showroom in Madrid

    The famous Swiss brand has opened a new store in the heart of Spanish capital. All interiors were designed by an award-winning designer Patricia Urquiola.

  • Gray.bathroom.Modern

    4 bathroom adaptations to help with mobility problems

    Bath time can be a relaxing and leisurely activity if you’re fit and healthy – but what if you’re struggling with mobility? While personal hygiene is a daily necessity, bathing can become more difficult and time consuming as you get older, if you’ve had a…

  • Gray bathroom by Bijou Bathrooms

    Deceptively spacious? 11 Clever storage Ideas For Bijou Bathrooms

    Bathroom clutter is the bane of many people’s lives. Particularly if your bathroom or shower room is a little on the small side, and if you just can’t bring yourself to culling you beauty product collection, it can be difficult to find enough storage for…

  • 10-eco style

    The right selection of bath mirrors

    All bathrooms have a must-have accessory – a mirror. A mirror is used not only for use in everyday life, but also for use in the interior of the bathroom. A mirror is a operational target of everyday usage and decoration decor.

  • Ubabub babyware lifestyle shoot

    Magical children’s rooms

    This beautiful and wonderful post in itself is an interesting collection of beautiful and wonderful bedrooms for children. All rooms are magical, delicate and full of love. In the ribbon of each room invested a lot of effort and heat. Baby room can be done…

  • 4-bathroom with shower

    Harmonious Bathroom with shower

    These tubs are unique by the fact that they are united with a shower or located near it. In this suite bathrooms are so many interesting ideas, modern and classic styles look good together. Combined bathroom with shower takes a lot of space, hence this…

  • 1-Ladder Towel Radiator

    Bathroom Design – Pure Function

    When you come to redesign a room in your home, it is natural that you gravitate towards the more aesthetic, fun and easy to research aspects of that room. For example, you don’t worry about the actual application – measuring, cutting, pasting – of the…

  • 10-rectangular bath

    Acrylic bathtub in the interior

    In today’s world used acrylic and modern baths, in the interior of the van are more interesting acrylic, and market and product exhibited a large selection of acrylic bathtubs. We’ll give you some tips how to choose acrylic bathroom. Pluses acrylic bathtubs: Nice and presentable,…

  • 1-purple wall

    Cool Towel Radiators

    First, some explanation: the ‘cool’ in the title is pretty ambiguous, and could be worrying, in light of the context. This is the cool of catwalks and record stores, of movie premieres and publishing sensations, not, well, the cold inertness of a broken radiator! One…

  • 6-beautiful oven

    Beautiful and comfortable sauna

    Each pattern begins with a steam bath, and its interior should be to equip a very comfortable and cozy. The sauna and steam all should be harmonious, in the bath are not welcome flashy and fanciful shapes, and bright colors are not welcome. The sauna…

  • 7-Hearts of mosaic

    The use of mosaics in the bathroom

    Glass mosaic is a wonderful material for processing rooms, mosaic also often used, and is very popular. Pro’s glass mosaic is that it is very durable in use. Modern mosaic is very practical, durable, moisture resistance, and very pragmatic. Mosaic is of various types: Metal…

  • 5-mirror wall

    Comfortable apartment in the sauna

    In today’s world, the sauna can be practiced even in the loft, which holds a large area. The sauna can be assembled from ready-made panels or build from scratch. Built a sauna in the house or apartment, you will save a lot of costs, and…

  • 2-large bathroom

    Beautiful bathrooms in the classic style

    This bathroom interior is made in the cold shade, close to the sea style, it combines the color of the sand and bright – blue spots in a decor that privacy and need to feel comfortable.

  • 8-large room

    The bathrooms in the purple color

    Purple bathroom – this color blends well with other shades, from the coarse black to pale beige and white. This color is good decorate the bathroom. In the purple colored bathroom will look very elegant and romantic. Incidentally, the color purple combines strength and gentleness,…

  • 14

    The modern bathrooms are in classic style

    In this post we have put together a few ideas of modern bathrooms in a classic style. This is mainly the bathrooms in a minimalist style, because the bathroom should not be cluttered, it must have to chill out and relax.

  • 13-beautiful view

    Beautiful Baths and the use of small tiles

    Everyone knows that the best material for bathroom tile, the market given the many options and proposals by various factors, color, material, quality. If you want to make the interior of the bathroom original and beautiful, it is necessary to use mosaic tiles. Use a…