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Represented in this category are numerous bedroom ideas, from classic interiors with baldachin beds to vintage bedrooms with a shade of post-modernism. There is no doubt that bedroom designs totally reflect likings and interests of their hosts, but in contemporary bedrooms one can depict a whole epoch, with its culture and special features. Like in modern bedrooms with their feeling of volume, created by perfectly naked walls, combined parquet, multi-level ceilings and built-in lighting. If you have a liking for the rural spirit, you will definitely derive enjoyment from our collection of country bedrooms, chilled with a breath of fresh air and family warmth. Being a responsible parent, you will find out tips on decorating children’s bedrooms, including some useful facts about arranging a typical boys bedroom, which is, by the way, far from just putting a car-shaped bed and painting the walls blue. Anyway, we feel sure that with our bedroom interior design tips and ideas, you’ll be able to create the right and unique atmosphere for both your body and soul.

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    Small bedrooms in the interior

    Sleeping room – it’s the most comfy seats in the house or apartment. In this post we look at small bedrooms that Crafted from other interiors, and they are very pragmatic in a modest interior. The bedroom is best to take a modest room, as…

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    Nursery room in modern style

    In this post you will discover a selection of bedrooms for teenage boys, there is as small rooms and large. Resemble boys with female children, they also love to dream, live action games. The room should be made for sleeping and relaxing, games, and also…

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    10 bright and colorful interiors

    Burnished and beautiful bedrooms with beautiful textiles look interesting. When the room is living large number of children, it is worth to correctly position the cot, so that everyone was prosperous.

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    The mirror in the bedroom interior

    Mirror – a compulsory subject, and attribute for any home without it anywhere. With assistance. Beautiful mirrors can decorate the interior. Mirror in the bedroom controversial issue, some of his fear. Some are of the opinion that the mirror in the bedroom should not be…

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    Children’s bedroom for little girls

    The room is well suited for a girl, a girl likes a light and delicate color, the room should be bright and cheerful, nice and warm. The room is filled with lots of toys. Children’s room – should be light and playful. It is necessary…

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    Modern art nouveau in the bedroom

    Art Nouveau is good and creative looks in the interior of the chamber. Modern – a bright, trendy and creative. Art Nouveau is in itself a very complex interior that will always appear different.

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    Bedroom in the attic loft

    The sleeping accommodation in the attic of a dream for many, it can seem very beautiful and interesting. The bedroom in the attic can look very snug and comfy. Moreover bedroom has a ceiling cap. Of a large and a small attic can make a…

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    10 bedrooms in a romantic style

    Create a romantic atmosphere in your bedroom and make it a cozy, can be done using a beautiful accessory or completely redecorate and refurbish the interior. If you desire to change your life, change the interior. Our advice will help you to quickly change the…

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    A variety of shelves in the bedroom

    Bedroom place which is designed to sleep, and some prefer to do a bedroom in a minimalist style, but when the space in a small apartment. Each wall is a great place for shelves and storage space. It is important to place the shelf in…

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    10 beautiful bedrooms Swedish

    The sleeping room is filled with daylight and warm light that passes through the open window, and there is a small terrace where you can bask in the sunshine in the morning.

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    Bedroom in classical style

    The bedroom has a classic style using the correct lines and shapes, and show the correct proportion. The room has plenty of natural light which reaches the light of day, additional lighting brings beautiful shades, the bed is comfortable sofa on which to put clothes.

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    20 amazing bedrooms in different styles

    We provide a selection of beautiful bedrooms in different styles and directions. Sleeper – this is the most important and most important place in the house where should smell comfort and coziness. Each element should have a special flavor and functionality. The bedroom can be…

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    15 design ideas bedroom colonial-style

    Colonial style first appeared in medieval England. In the colonial style in the first place is comfortable, it fits well and most massive furniture of mahogany species, and the combination of the beautiful and exotic textures and fabrics. Interior includes the oriental style and European.

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    40 amazing bedrooms in turquoise color

    Turquoise color – it’s very elegant, and the best color for the bedroom, the bedroom this color is very rare. Navy blue calms, and adjusts to peaceful slumber. Turquoise will plunge fully into dreams, this color – air and water. Aquamarine is found in a…

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    11 most beautiful bedrooms

    Bedroom – this is a cozy corner in the house, the most intimate and important. Each person honored relaxes in total comfort and coziness. Bedroom is a place where there is a rest and sleep well. For the rest is to choose the proper lighting,…

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    The modern, minimalist style in the bedroom

    Minimalist style looks very succinctly, simple and gorgeous composition is obtained. Minimalism is very functional interior, usually in the interior there is nothing superfluous, and there is always everything that you will need, the style of minimalism can be very comfortable and cozy, such a…

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    Children’s Room for children

    Children’s room – the most important room in the apartment, to the design of which must be taken very carefully. Of course, you can just buy new furniture in the nursery, select neutral and simple wallpaper, lay a soft carpet, add some cute accessories. Experts…

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    10 Bedrooms in a bright orange color

    Orange color – it’s a very energetic color, so it should be used with extreme caution, especially in the bedroom, as the bedroom is for relaxation. The orange color has a very large number of different shades, from the brightest to the most delicate shades…

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    10 comfortable interior rooms for boys

    The desire to design a child’s room is usually the child does not ask, and many adults make the room boring and not right for a child’s development. It is necessary to choose the interior to the character of the boy, it is worth considering…

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    10 of the most magnificent rooms in the bohemian style

    In the bohemian style can be made and has a nice sleeping room. Choose original and exclusive furniture. Best furniture for the bedroom is in a Victorian style. This furniture looks very presentable and most importantly it is exclusive. The furniture that you have in…

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    The bedroom in Moroccan style

    The Moroccan style is common in many countries and is an exotic destination in the interior design that blends European and North African traditions. This style originated a long time ago, back in the colonial era. Its formation was influenced by many cultures, but the…

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    Turquoise color in the interior of a bedroom

    Turquoise represents a something between green and blue, this color is unique in its own way, it is bright, fun, and reminds sea moments.

  • 6-white bedroom

    10 bedrooms in the Romantic style

    The interior in the style of romanticism very harmonious and well combined with luxurious furnishings, rich fabrics and soft bedding shades. This force is appreciated luxury and wealth, especially will look expensive antiques.