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A contemporary fireplace is a step in the future with a lookback into the past. Despite the fact that modern designer fireplaces are normally used for relaxing purposes, rather than for heating or cooking, they still remain a popular feature of interiors designed in different styles, including classic, country and hi-tech. Today’s market has a variety of fireplaces for all tastes in stock – from metaled to marble and natural stone. Extraordinary persons will definitely appreciate a Gyrofocus fireplace, which was designed as far back as 1968. This hanging fireplace made of stainless steel, rotating about its axis, will perfectly emphasize your individuality. If a suspended fireplace is too bold for you, then a classic stationary or portable wood fireplace will be a perfect match. If you consider buying an eco fireplace, it will be useful to find out more about the way a bioethanol fireplace works, its pros and cons. No matter what you choose in the end, we feel that this category of fireplace ideas won’t leave anyone indifferent – it is permeated with the feeling of warmth and coziness, romantic nights, your favorite books, soft plaids and philosophical thoughts.