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The contemporary world of interior design ideas with its diversity of styles, concepts, materials and layout options has multiple designer solutions in store for any wants and needs. The question is – how to choose and apply the right one, with a glance at your taste, intentions and means. Sounds familiar? Then the category of home design ideas is for you. It has absorbed a rich collection of décor solutions for every corner of your dwelling – from living room and bedroom to bathroom and garden. For a most rational utilization of your time and space, we paid special attention to gathering the most of storage ideas, closet ideas and hallway ideas. Inspired by our set of colour ideas, you will find out how to play around with colour within this or that interior style, in particular rooms and on different metric areas. And if you strive for uniqueness and individuality, then your categories are handmade ideas and vintage ideas. So browse, dream up and let your ideas come true!

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    Essential Oils – Eco-Friendly Cleaning Assistants: 7 Recipes

    Why would we use chemical agents that can be extremely harmful to our health, when there’s an equal and absolutely safe alternative – essential oils? Our today’s post would surely convince you that at least a few bottles of your domestic chemicals can safely go…

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    Guide to European Flea Markets: What & How to Buy?

    Many heard about benefits from buying on European flea markets and those magical treasures that may be discovered there, but a few really know where the best flea markets can be found and how they should be explored. That is why we have decided to…

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    Note Boards: How to Keep Yourself Organized in the New Year

    HomeKlondike really doubts that there is a person who has never had New Year resolutions. Sports, healthy diet, new foreign languages – these are the most popular focuses of our “new” lives that are supposed to start on the 1st of January. But we have…

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    Waterproofing a Garage

    If you own, or are looking to build, a garage there’s every chance it’ll be affected by dampness. Garages are not designed to be very habitable, and focus is more so on weather protection than comfort. However this is challenged during our harsh winters, with…

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    DIY: Handmade Mini Christmas Tree within 20 Minutes

    The reign of festive mood at our Christmas tables is not just a question of the list of dishes; it is also essential to ensure the table is beautifully decorated. If you’re a lucky owner of a special Christmas dinner set, that’s great! And we…

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    Why Your Surveyor Should Be Thought of As a Buyer Too

    It may seem odd but when you go to buy a house it is important to not just think of yourself and you and your partner. Although you are spending the money and making the choice of home it is critical to bring your surveyor…

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    How to Organize Make-Up Storage: 15 Best Ideas

    Beauty products can be tidily arranged on a dressing table top or on an open shelf only when a girl is a teenager and it’s her first makeup experience. Over the years her collection of beauty tools multiplies, while extra space hardly appears. Many women…

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    How to Decorate a Narrow Hallway: 9 Ideas

    Loving imperfections of one’s neighbor is the highest form of wisdom. We on HomeKlondike believe that the same is true about interior failures. Sometimes these very drawbacks can be turned into strong points. For instance, a tiny kitchen would inspire you to arrange a full-fledged…

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    5 Trivial Domestic Things That Can Upgrade Storage in Your Closet

    Clothes, shoes, accessories… All these things should fit into your closet in a neat way to make storage well-organized and user-friendly. Many brands offer special tools for optimizing closets, but we’d like to offer you 5 trivial things that can be found in any home…

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    How to Control Feral Pigeons in Buildings

    Feral pigeons are a common sight, particularly in urban areas where they can constitute a nuisance and cause real damage to buildings and other structures.The long-term control of these birds is notoriously difficult to achieve, even with professional assistance from a member of the British…

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    DIY: Original Handmade Furniture Handles from Table Spoons

    Finding new ways of re-using old stuff is extremely entertaining. And it’s especially interesting when it comes to home décor. Why not start from small, yet sweet interior details – furniture handles, for example? Your kitchen cabinets can be upgraded to an absolutely new level…

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    6 Basic Principles That Create True Minimalism in Interior Design

    Many people believe that minimalism is something empty, bare, desert, white and rectangular. But this is not true. The main objective of a minimalist-style interior is simplicity and objectivity, where all decorative layers take a back seat giving way to pure and sharp space. But…

  • 0-cheaper-alternatives-to-living-in-a-house-flat-pack-wooden-house-on-the-sea-shore

    3 Cheaper Alternatives to Living in a House

    It is a sad but inescapable fact that the price of residential property is now firmly out of reach for most people on a normal wage. Faced with expensive long-term renting as the only available alternative, some pragmatic out-of-the-box thinking is long overdue. It all…

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    Lilac Grey Color in Interior Design: How to Use It Properly

    Autumn is approaching and the world of interior design expects the global color expert – Pantone – to publish the list of top colors for the next year. But so far we’d like to speak about a timeless, complicated and very feminine hue – lilac…

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    How to Refresh Your Bookshelves in One Day: 5 Ideas

    Home interior can be refreshed even by means of such a small and trivial detail as a bookshelf. And this doesn’t mean that you have to buy a new one – just use a few design tricks to refresh your old ones. There are many…

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    How to Design a Balcony in Catalan Style from A to Z

    Spain… It has so many beautiful things in store to inspire multiple tourists. And one of them is sweet and cozy balconies of Catalonia. The weekend is approaching and if you have a strong desire for creativity, why not turn your balcony into a cozy…

  • 5-1-concrete-canvas-cloth-flexible-concrete-material-in-furniture-design-arm-chair

    Concrete Canvas: Revolutionary Building Technology of the Future

    Concrete canvas is a piece of cloth with waterproof backing soaked in a special dry substance. This revolutionary building technology was invented about 15 years ago in Great Britain.

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    No Blind Walls: 20 Creative Room Dividers (P.2)

    If you still didn’t find a suitable variant for zoning your rooms in Part 1 of this post, don’t worry – we have 10 more ideas for you!

  • 6-sleeping-area-in-the-living-room-bed-studio-apartment-glass-sandblasted-wall-partition-room-divider-blue-drapery-curtains-rug-gray-capitone-ottomans-arm-chairs-coffee-table-podium-roman-blinds

    No Blind Walls: 20 Creative Room Dividers (P.1)

    If you need to zone residential space, especially when it comes to small apartments, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to build up extra walls. Mobile room dividers or light-transparent partitions can solve this problem very well. And what is more important, without breaking…

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    Design Hack: How to Organize an Inspiring Work Area

    It doesn’t really matter whether you work from home or in the office. The way your working area is organized is vital anyway, since you spend a big deal of your life there. So, you would agree that this space should be organized competently, beautifully,…

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    How Employees of Different Countries Brighten Up Their Offices

    Having a nine-to-five job in an office hardly sounds like a dream job. However, millions of people around the globe have such schedule and manage to survive. And if nothing can be done to change a job, at least one can do one’s best to…

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    How to Make Your Home Safer When Going out of Town

    Burglars traditionally come around during the spring/summer period. This statement is confirmed by reports of police departments on a yearly basis and at all times. Starting from May and up to September citizens of big cities as a general rule leave either for summer cottages…

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    Informal Lease Extensions: The Pitfalls and Beartraps

    There has recently been a lot of publicity in the media surrounding leasehold property, and in particular the problems encountered by owners of properties with short leases and leases with onerous terms, such as very high ground rents. The solution in such cases is often…

  • 3-2-home-theater-home-cinema-movies-in-interior-design-country-style-wooden-walls-beams-holiday-lights-bulbs-wall-lamps-lanterns-beige-comfy-sofa-brown-wood-stone-wall-wicker-coffee-table

    How to Arrange a Home Theatre: All You Have to Know (P.2)

    Now that you know how to prepare your home interior for the coming of a home theater, it’s time to choose the equipment right. The market has much to offer you, and it’s very important to understand the difference between different types of equipment and…