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Stylishness, functionality and coziness are inseparable in modern kitchens. This category dwells on how to apply this attitude to all kitchen zones – cooking, dining, storing and dishwashing ones. If your concern is a small kitchen design, you’ll be happy to learn multiple tricks giving the illusion of extra space – everything about lighting, coloring, furnishing and layout on confined space. Inspired by our kitchen storage ideas, find out new ways to utilize previously dead space and organize your cooking requisites in a most convenient way. Also available in this category are numerous ideas for kitchen islands, which are becoming a common feature of contemporary kitchens due to their exceptional functionality.

  • 9-sliding bar

    10 juicy and colorful kitchens

    The orange color in the kitchen will be the most relevant for fans of bright colors, as you know, the bright orange color stimulates the appetite, so it can be safely trusted to choose for the decor and cuisine. The main thing is not to…

  • 5-brick wall

    The modern kitchen interior

      Modern style always keeps one foot in time with the person. In the modern style is minimalist style, modern, art-decor, high-tech. Usually tenants are engaged in furnishing your kitchen and other rooms. The modern interior is first of all: the beautiful and artistic objects,…

  • 2-turquoise room

    10 beautiful kitchens in the traditional style

    Cuisine in a traditional style warm, cozy, in this interior provides a large selection of colors, with different colors. It combines very important in the interior different textures and create a lot of light. Kitchen design in a traditional style to be very cozy and…

  • 9-beautiful flowers

    10 Ideas Kitchen in country style

    Country style kitchen can prepare a special configuration of the room, wooden beams on the ceiling, a summer terrace outside the window, on the compass orientation, lifestyle home and other factors. As a general rule, where the imagination can run wild if – there is…

  • 10-white living room

    New Ideas Kitchen Art Nouveau

    During the creation of Art Nouveau interior should give priority to the lines that should flow smoothly, like a shroud housing and the coziness and comfort. All items must be chosen for the interior with the basic rules of design: no colorful and flashy colors,…

  • Declutter

    How to Make the Most of your Small Kitchen Space

    Many of us would agree that the kitchen is the centerpiece of the home and the focal point of everything that you do as a family. But what happens if your kitchen is no bigger than a cupboard? Okay well maybe a little extreme but…

  • Acrylic Kitchen with orange and beige color

    Why Choose Acrylic Kitchen Doors?

    If you’re redesigning your kitchen, it is likely you’ll be considering the finish of your new kitchen-to-be. In this article we will be discussing a particular type of finish known as acrylic. What is acrylic? Acrylic, often known as poly (methyl methacrylate) or PMMA is…

  • 6-kitchen-island

    Futuristic Kitchen Designs

    These kitchens are unusual and unprecedented. Smooth and polished surfaces, glass, metal and irregular forms dominate. This design can’t boast of a sense of comfort or warmth, but it will surely make a great impression to every guest.

  • 1-carpenters-workbench-turned-kitchen-island

    Carpenter’s Workbench Turned Kitchen Island

    Kitchen islands aren’t always a built in item. If you’re looking for an eclectic mix, or a shabby chic style– look no further. This “Chianti” kitchen island is the perfect complement to your home. Crafted from solid pine wood and cast iron, it’s a beauty…

  • 5-transparent doors

    Lovely kitchen interior in blue tones

    The blue color came to us from the old era of Empire, it was in those days accommodations in a house painted in pale – light blue door and the floor is usually a dark color. Fashion changes, but some parts can now be used….

  • White gloss modern kitchen

    Personalised kitchen design: How can a kitchen change your life for the better?

    Choosing a new kitchen is an exciting time and with a wealth of color, style and endless kitchen gadgets to choose from, who wouldn’t enjoy it? Many people dream of buying a new kitchen; it might be you despair of a tired and worn kitchen…

  • 1-archi-teapot-by-toast-living

    Archi Teapot by Toast Living

    Archi is a minimalist design created by Taiwan-based design firm Toast Living. This teapot is made of porcelain with a stainless steel mesh insert. The design has a rectangular and curved contrast that was inspired by the harmonious combination of water and tea. The handle…

  • 1-the-design-soft-green-color-in-the-interior

    The design soft green color in the interior

    Light green kitchen or any other room in the room will bring freshness and a little cool in the summer day, or remind you of a juicy green apple. Juicy, bright light green tint energize and invigorate in the morning and in the evening will…

  • 1-dining table

    The ideas of dining tables for a small kitchen

    Kitchen – this is the main place in the house, because that is where we spend most of the time, especially housewives who cook a meal for the whole family. The kitchen should be comfortable and functional. In small apartments gathering with friends is a…

  • 1-kitchen-in-red

    The kitchen in the red color

    The red color is good for the human condition. The red color is well suited for the kitchen, he awakens great appetite, improves blood circulation and improves mood. If you recall, it was all delicious red. When you create the interior you need to consider…