• 1-Stunning hotel

    Stunning hotel made ​​of salt in Bolivia

    Custom hotel was built in Bolivia. This small hotel is really unusual in that it is built of salt. This hotel will surprise any tourist, because it is made and a large amount of material – 10,000 tons of salt.

  • 1-the-interior-studio-apartments

    The interior studio apartments

    The winner of the one-room apartment at times very difficult to account for layout and arrangement of furniture. Some people have to live in cramped conditions. If properly thought out plan of arrangement that space can even expand and lengthen the room, and it was…

  • 1-IKEA vase

    The most beautiful vase for the kitchen

    Beautiful vases adorn not only the interior of your home, but also will make a special decoration for the kitchen. Vase can match any interior, because there are many different colors, shapes, and the vase can be purchased from any material. Common use of the…

  • 1-completely-wooden-house

    Completely Wooden House

    The entire house is made of wooden boards. The floors, the ceilings, the walls, the furniture pieces, everything! Well, everything except the bathroom sink and the fireplace, which are made of rough stone, with the metal door handles. Wood inspires warmth and makes the house…

  • 1-pendant-lamps-by-manolito-manolita

    Pendant Lamps by Manolito & Manolita

    In the presence of Colimbo, you can almost taste the salt in the air from the Aegean Sea that borders the islands of Greece. Named after the diver bird, these pendant lamps interface with both sky and sea. Featuring the use of both hard and…

  • 1-adobe-residence-in-new-mexico

    Adobe Residence in New Mexico

    This historic adobe home was built in the early 1900s, and features a kiva fireplace and design elements characteristic of traditional New Mexico architecture. The home was completely gutted by design studio R Brant Design, leaving as many of the original features as possible. The…

  • 1-power-house-by-paul-archer-design

    Power House by Paul Archer Design

    Power House is the results of the Paul Archer Design’s refurbishment of a private house in Highbury North London. The project takes the modernisation of a typical London Victorian terraced house in a new direction with a highly sculptural timber clad rear extension. Located in…

  • 1-coffee-tables-with-fireplace

    The fireplace in unusual places

    Bio-fireplace – a basic and a new direction in design. Safe fuel and reliable design look very harmonious. The design allows you to tame the fire and be done with it warm and cozy home.

  • 1-bright-apartment-complex-in-japan

    Bright apartment complex in Japan

    The architecture of the artist Susak Arakivvy and fine poet Madeline Jeans have created a wonderful, bright and unusual residential complex in Japan. This wonderful couple poses challenges conventional buildings, and do extraordinary home, their imagination is very surprising. This project was the most unique…

  • 1-spicebox-office-by-nendo

    Spicebox Office by Nendo

    Spicebox Office is a minimalist interior located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by Nendo. The office space design for spicebox, a comprehensive digital agency that works across strategic planning, interactive promotion and creative digital marketing, and is part of the Hakuhodo stable. The firm’s name symbolises…

  • 1-tipi-modern-table-of-sheet-steel

    Tipi Modern Table of Sheet Steel

    Tipi is a minimalist design created by France-based designer Hélène Degonzague. Spotted on MocoVote, Tipi is a table leg made of sheet steel. Its starting point is the art of origami. It enabled it to be detached from the traditional formal typology of the trestle….

  • 1-glass-closet

    Contemporary-Style Apartment in Monochrome Color Range Accentuated with Curtains, Pot Plants and Pleasant non-Banal Blue Bathroom

    The Hosts: Cyril, a financier Xenia, a professional sportsman (water skiing) Number of rooms: 2 Metric area: 54 m² Ceiling height: 2.75 m A two-room apartment on of the busiest streets of Moscow came to Cyril through his grandma along with the awkward soviet layout,…

  • 1-plastic-chairs-in-the-interior

    Original Plastic chairs in the interior

    Transparent chairs look very stylish and sometimes even pretentious in the interior, and where they just do not use: in the kitchen, in the dining room, a room for work in offices. Furniture made of plastic, and it is transparent chairs are well suited for…

  • 1-the-design-soft-green-color-in-the-interior

    The design soft green color in the interior

    Light green kitchen or any other room in the room will bring freshness and a little cool in the summer day, or remind you of a juicy green apple. Juicy, bright light green tint energize and invigorate in the morning and in the evening will…

  • 1-dining table

    The ideas of dining tables for a small kitchen

    Kitchen – this is the main place in the house, because that is where we spend most of the time, especially housewives who cook a meal for the whole family. The kitchen should be comfortable and functional. In small apartments gathering with friends is a…

  • 1-trends-in-interior-design-2013

    Trends in interior design 2013

    In 2013, new trends and new fashion. We will tell you that this year is the popular and in demand. In the last year and other years, these trends have not been used much by professional designers. Over the years, fashion is changing and increasingly…

  • 1-methods-the-apartment-design-with-natural-wood

    Methods the apartment design with natural wood

    Everyone knows that the wood turns the most beautiful furniture and home furnishings. Furniture beautiful natural material and the more eco-friendly home. On the other hand it is difficult to untreated wood furniture, but these, too, have this confirmed in the photographs.

  • 1-saenz-house-by-adamo-faiden

    Saenz House by Adamo-Faiden

    Saenz House is a minimalist house located in Argentina-designed by adamo-faiden. The Saenz House retakes an investigation done years ago with the realization of two buildings of equipment located in the same neighborhood. The project supposes a new attempt to construct architecture and landscape simultaneously….

  • 1-the-combination-of-black-color-in-the-interior-of-a-bedroom

    The combination of black color in the interior of a bedroom

    Black bedroom causes a lot of associations and it is possible that not everyone will have a color for the soul as seem a little intimidating and mystical. Black color is widely used in the interior living rooms, kitchens, hallways and other rooms, and is…

  • 1-Oenophilia Porto Sippers

    Most Interesting Wine Glasses

    When entertaining, it’s always important to keep some wine on hand– and it’s even better if you’ve got a set or two of show stopping stemware sets. While the occasion will likely dictate the type of glass you use, there’s always room for something quirky…

  • 4-black-modern-sofa

    Alix Sofa By Tilt for Amaze

    Renowned French artist Tilt in collaboration with Amaze workshops has created an incredible new piece of furniture/art work. Passing from the tint area to the volume, Tilt knocks down his art codes, and delivers us with “Alix” a new and personal work.

  • 11-room-interior

    Super-Functional Apartment on 3 Levels: Kingsize Bed on the Top Level, Compact Kitchenette and Playroom in the Middle and Underground Walk-in Closet in Ex-Laundry

    The Hosts: Yuri, a movie director Eugenia, an architect Peter, their son Number of rooms: 3 Metric area: 80 m² Ceiling height: 3.8 m In June of 2010 Yuri, Eugenia and their son Peter started to live in an apartment on Kamennoostrovskoy Avenue of St….

  • 11-ninna-chair-by-carlo-contin

    NINNA Chair by Carlo Contin

    NINNA is a minimalist design created by Italy-based designer Carlo Contin for Adentro. The seating of the chair is suspended using leather straps that hang down from the arms. Although the seating is sturdy, the user has some light movement and freedom due to the…

  • 1-bulb-shaped-chandelier-by-kulyev

    Bulb Shaped Chandelier by Kulyev

    Russian designer Kulyev decided to have a little fun with one of his recent lighting designs. He created an indented area in the ceiling of a home and then proceeded to turn it into a fascinating chandelier. Within the indentation he painted the outlines of…