• 1-pixelated-sculpture-at-bristol-temple-meads-train-station

    Pixelated Sculpture at Bristol Temple Meads Train Station

    Artist Luke Jerram has created a pixelated sculpture of his daughter Maya using an Xbox Kinect, aluminum sheets and more than 5,000 colored stickers. Luke says, “From the age of 3 my daughter Maya could use an iPhone. For her the technology was like a…

  • 1-aviator-swivel-chair-with-leather-seat

    Aviator Swivel Chair with Leather Seat

    Their Aviator Swivel Chair is built out of sheets of aluminum with exposed screws with an aerodynamic feel just like fighter planes and bombers from World War II. The seats are covered in distressed leather with the same finish and feel as the bomber jackets…

  • 1-modular-quartz-armchair-by-ctrol-zak-and-david-barsaghi

    Modular Quartz Armchair by Ctrol Zak and David Barsaghi

    Designed as a collaboration project between CTROL ZAK and David Barsaghi, the Quartz Chair is a geometrical masterpiece. Not to mention the fact that it looks like quite comfortable as well.

  • 1-kirk-chair-by-patrick-frey

    Kirk Chair by Patrick Frey

    Kirk is a minimalist design created by Patrick Frey. Kirk is the seating equivalent of the modern socialite. You can take it anywhere – its aluminum alloy frame makes it weather and spill-proof. It is easy to add to the dining room table should another…