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    How Employees of Different Countries Brighten Up Their Offices

    Having a nine-to-five job in an office hardly sounds like a dream job. However, millions of people around the globe have such schedule and manage to survive. And if nothing can be done to change a job, at least one can do one’s best to…

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    11 Creative Wall Decor Ideas

    You want to fresh up your interior a little bit, but don’t feel like spending much time and effort, do you? Then this article is just for you. Draw inspiration, grab the ideas and go ahead to marvelous interior design changes.

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    5 Unusual and Creative Restroom Interior Designs

    A restroom is an extremely important component of any home. It must be all-inclusive – comprising comfort, convenience, functionality and nice design, of course. However, in real life we seldom care about the aesthetical aspect of our toilets. That’s why today we decided to show…

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    Apartment + Guesthouse at Atelier for Creative People

    The Host: Bogdan, a fashion designer, a founder of At Atelier Number of rooms: 5 Metric area: 110 m² Ceiling height: 3.1 m Floor number: 5 Bogdan has left St. Petersburg for Moscow comparatively recently, on entering British Higher School of Art and Design. However,…

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    Light and Bright Creative Design Studio

    Creative design studios can vary in their design appearance depending on style and purpose. This particular space in Fitzroy, Australia, happens to focus on the creative sector– so keeping somewhat of a clean slate is an important feature design wise. The conference room becomes the…

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    Creativity and Function in Caravan Design

    This caravan belongs to Charity D’Amato. She has revamped a 1972 Airstream Landyacht, into the gorgeous caravan design you see before you. She is wonderfully called, “Amelia the Airstream.” The light and airy caravan design was made using high gloss white enamel and faux weather…

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    A Tight Cockloft in the Heart of Reykjavik Belonging to a Creative Fan of Old Junk with Feminist Views

    The Hosts: Ojvur, a journalist Skohta and Hosa, her kittens Number of rooms: 2 Metric area: 30.4 m² Ceiling height: 3 m Number of levels: 2 Tired of living on her parents, Ojvur was looking for her first apartment in Reykjavik with a few search…

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    The interior studio apartments

    The winner of the one-room apartment at times very difficult to account for layout and arrangement of furniture. Some people have to live in cramped conditions. If properly thought out plan of arrangement that space can even expand and lengthen the room, and it was…