• 6-diy-hand-made-paper-lanterns

    DIY: Paper Lanterns

    Paper lanterns are so light, delicate and elegant, they are so good in adding softness and warmth to the atmosphere of our homes and so irreplaceable in creating a cozy holiday atmosphere, that we don’t hesitate to present you a pretty quick and easy DIY….

  • 5-diy-hand-made-mason-jar-chandelier-lamp

    DIY Mason Jar Chandelier

    Do you still throw away used mason jars? And tinkerers have already come up with a nice idea to re-use them. Find out how common jars may be turned into unique glass globes for bulbs.

  • 5-diy-shoe-box-reuse-idea-decoartive-mini-doll-houses

    DIY: 7 Ways to Re-Use Shoeboxes

    Shoeboxes can be found in any house and sometimes just gather dust somewhere in a pantry. Or you have just bought (or made) a lovely shoe organizer and don’t need boxes anymore. But don’t be so quick to toss them in the trash – there…

  • 1-diy-fabric-headboard

    DIY Fabric Headboard with Tile Effect

    Sometimes after renovation we feel that our old, but still solid, bed doesn’t blend with the new interior style. Or it is already out-of-fashion. Or we just feel the need to change something in the bedroom. A nice way to do that is to create…

  • Garden and Green home

    Improving your Home’s Exterior

    There are many ways you could improve your home’s exterior this summer, and not all of them need to incur a great expense. You may be wanting to spruce up the front of your home in order to sell your house, or you might just…

  • Declutter

    How to Make the Most of your Small Kitchen Space

    Many of us would agree that the kitchen is the centerpiece of the home and the focal point of everything that you do as a family. But what happens if your kitchen is no bigger than a cupboard? Okay well maybe a little extreme but…