• 9

    Bright Spacious Family Apartment

    For a large family apartment should be roomy, comfy and functional. These apartments represent a two apartments are joined. Flat on the interior is very broad, bright apartments across large number of supplements.

  • 14-comfortable studio

    Fresh and Bright Apartment

    The inside of the apartment is made in the style of the studio, used Scandinavian style. The apartment has no divisions, zones are divided via furniture in the interior. The inside of the apartment is only 36 square meters. The flat holds a quite functional…

  • 6-beautiful chair

    Small and handy computer desks

    A small selection of low tables and comfortable surprise and possibly become your starting point for selecting a new desktop. Computer desk may not be large, and small and very comfortable. Ideas small tables can inspire you and make your dreams a reality. A small…

  • 1-apartment-with-a-variety-of-ideas

    Apartment with a variety of ideas

    A small apartment can be practical, comfortable and functional thanks to the good and creative designers have created this magnificent apartment designers Alan Chu, the small size of the property of the designer turned out a beautiful space to survive.

  • 2-gray carpet

    Beautiful Swedish apartment

    Comfortable one bedroom apartment is often found in the Swedish apartments in this interior is and the functionality, usability and minimalism, there’s no huge cabinets and shelves. Designers have made every corner of the functional, but very comfortable and not bulky.

  • 2-beautiful-kitchen

    Functional and beautiful kitchen

    The kitchen has a rounded shape, refers to the futuristic, the kitchen was created by designers Ferrari. The kitchen itself is made is made of aircraft components, stainless steel.

  • 6-long kitchen

    Spacious studio apartment student

    This apartment belongs to the student, it is roomy and comfortable, it receives all the necessary furniture, the whole apartment is functional and spacious, the white color in the room makes the room a homely and cozy.

  • 7

    Comfortable and functional sill

    The traditional design of windows for a long time recedes into the background, and adopting new solutions are usually simple window sill –  is a lot of pots with flowers. Each window sill in the house can be decorated for your convenience and to make…

  • 4-the-company-atelje-lyktan

    Industrial lamp from the company ateljé Lyktan

    Modern Stockholm studio Form Us with Love has made an interesting industrial lamp for the popular brand ateljé Lyktan. The lamp is called Plug Lamp, it is so named because it has a built-in socket that can be utilized for other household activities, such as…

  • 10-room for a football player

    10 comfortable interior rooms for boys

    The desire to design a child’s room is usually the child does not ask, and many adults make the room boring and not right for a child’s development. It is necessary to choose the interior to the character of the boy, it is worth considering…

  • 1-the-interior-studio-apartments

    The interior studio apartments

    The winner of the one-room apartment at times very difficult to account for layout and arrangement of furniture. Some people have to live in cramped conditions. If properly thought out plan of arrangement that space can even expand and lengthen the room, and it was…