• 5-beautiful fireplace

    Orange kitchen in the interior

    Everyone knows that the orange color is not entirely uplifting, but also appetite! Orange color is perfect for the interiors of those people who live in cold climates, and they need heat. Sunny color adds joy to the interior.

  • 7-blue baby

    Blue color in the interior

    Blue in color in the interior – it’s a beautiful and natural cold color. This color gives you the feeling of genuine freedom, flight, and space. Blue interior style can be attributed to the trend of “Empire”.

  • Foto: Martin von Brömssen

    Lace accessories and elements in the interior

    The utilization of the lace products in the interior began in France. Lace is very expensive and exquisite textiles and accessories, as all the work is done by hand. Each accessory is constructed of lace has a certain pattern that will always look elegant and…

  • 26

    Brick wall interior design in the interior

    If the repair or in a new building at your disposal at home was a brick wall, do not rush to get rid of it. It can become a full part of the original plan. Moreover, those who want to modernize its interior, is a…