• 5-light-traditional-style-interior-design-beige-gray-pink-bedroom-Paris-map-wall-mural-mirror-panels-black-bedside-lamps-rug-oak-parquet-metal-bedside-tables

    How Passionate Travelers Live: Light and Quiet Interior for Rest

    Interior for a keen traveler – what should it look like? Today we decided to show you an apartment belonging to two adventurous sweethearts, who can’t imagine their lives without voyages, art and love…

  • 4-1-eco-style-office-interior-design-project-render-bright-green-shaggy-carpet-street-Japanese-lanterns-black-pendant-lamps-soft-gray-sofa-faux-wooden-panels-Venetian-blinds

    Eco-Style Office Interior Design Project

    Traditionally the responses are not unanimous as to whether the office interior design must be performed in one style. Some businessmen believe that each room of the office space must be unique and authentic, or it’d be boring and dull. But professional designers traditionally insist…

  • 1-Japanese bathroom

    The interior in the Japanese style

    The interior in the Japanese style room cleanliness, harmony, and serenity. Every room in Japanese style to preserve the balance and hold the peace. In the Japanese style of all objects interact with each other.

  • 1-heel-chair-by-nendo

    Heel Chair by Nendo

    Heel Chair is a minimalist design created by Japan-based designer Nendo. The unique characteristic of this chair is the rear-leg that does not extend from the seat joint, but instead from higher up the seat back. As a result, the chair looks as though it…

  • 2-white-interior

    White Cave House by Takuro Yamamoto Architects

    White Cave House by japanese firm Takuro Yamamoto Architects is a massive lump engraved by a series of voids interconnected in the shape of a kinked tube. The connection of voids is the leitmotiv of this house. Internal rooms are designed to enjoy the minimum…

  • 1-hideout-of-a-brick-storehouse-by-k2-design

    Hideout of a Brick Storehouse by K2-Design

    Hideout of a Brick Storehouse is a minimalist house located in Hiroshima, Japan, designed by K2-Design. It was originally a fuel storehouse and later functioned as a work place for the father of the present client. It will now continue to mature as a residence…

  • 1-minimalist design

    Shoe Stool by Koichi Futatsumata

    Shoe Stool is a minimalist design created by Japan-based designer Koichi Futatsumata. The stool design is both compact and ergonomic, functioning specifically for putting on and cleaning shoes. The ledge also provides support for easy cleaning and polishing of shoes. The design is made of…