• 41-bedroom

    Apartment with Minimum Furniture and Alice-from-the-Wonderland Kitchen

    The Hosts: Dmitry & Eugenia Number of rooms: 4 Metric area: 110 m² Ceiling height: 3.5 m Floor number: 4 A big old flat, which now gives shelter to Dmitry and Eugenia, was re-planned back in USSR times in quite an absurd way. Long corridors…

  • Acrylic Kitchen with orange and beige color

    Why Choose Acrylic Kitchen Doors?

    If you’re redesigning your kitchen, it is likely you’ll be considering the finish of your new kitchen-to-be. In this article we will be discussing a particular type of finish known as acrylic. What is acrylic? Acrylic, often known as poly (methyl methacrylate) or PMMA is…

  • 6-kitchen-island

    Futuristic Kitchen Designs

    These kitchens are unusual and unprecedented. Smooth and polished surfaces, glass, metal and irregular forms dominate. This design can’t boast of a sense of comfort or warmth, but it will surely make a great impression to every guest.

  • 1-carpenters-workbench-turned-kitchen-island

    Carpenter’s Workbench Turned Kitchen Island

    Kitchen islands aren’t always a built in item. If you’re looking for an eclectic mix, or a shabby chic style– look no further. This “Chianti” kitchen island is the perfect complement to your home. Crafted from solid pine wood and cast iron, it’s a beauty…

  • 1-the-design-soft-green-color-in-the-interior

    The design soft green color in the interior

    Light green kitchen or any other room in the room will bring freshness and a little cool in the summer day, or remind you of a juicy green apple. Juicy, bright light green tint energize and invigorate in the morning and in the evening will…