• 5-Bonaco-new-natural-wood-beech-speakers-eco-friendly-transparent-plastic-acrylic-cover-cylinder

    New Hand-Made Beechwood Speakers Announced in Japan

    Readers of HomeKlondike would surely agree that the last year was absolutely dominated by a trend towards eco-friendliness and everything green, literally and figuratively. Fortunately, this trend is still on top and people strive for safety and eco-friendliness in everything, from food and clothes to…

  • 1-country-rural-rustic-style-kitchen-interior-design-with-folk-motifs-total-wood-cabinets-worktop-tempered-glass-backsplash-digitally-printed-glass-dining-table-red-green-accents-roman-blinds-laminate-white-hood

    Delicious Folklore: Cozy Eco-Friendly Country Kitchen

    The owners of this kitchen in a summer cottage are keen fans of folklore, old traditions and especially folk songs. The latter can be heard in their house almost every day. The only thing that didn’t answer the needs and mood of this cheerful family…

  • 9-natural-solid-wood-kitchen-cabinets-set-interior-design-white-island-open-racks-shelves-contemporary-style-big-black-lamp-gray-wall-mixed-type

    20 Amazing Solid Wood Kitchens

    Today solid wood kitchens have been given a completely different purpose as compared to 1990s. Earlier most of the manufacturers were doing their best to hide the wood grain and a huge potential of this natural material under a thick layer of paint or varnish….

  • 3-modern-minimalist-architecture-exterior-design-solar-eco-house-Italy-Green-Zero-Daniele-Menichini-panoramic-windows-open-terrace-metal-support-structures-lounge-sofas-coffee-table-beautiful-view-trees

    Modern Architectural Minimalism Illustrated by an Italian Eco-House

    This house situated in an Italian town of Treviso is so special that it even has a name – the Green Zero. Its author is a famous architect and designer Daniele Menichini. The architectural and interior design concept of this building applies to modern minimalism…

  • 0-France-chalet-interior-design-Scandinavian-style-rough-wooden-beams-white-walls-stone-mountain-view-staircase-window

    Minimalist Chalet in Chamonix, France

    Interiors created especially for winter recreation must spacious, comfortable, functional and minimalist – without any extra décor or details. This statement is absolutely relevant to today’s chalet interior design.

  • 4-bright room

    Nursery room in modern style

    In this post you will discover a selection of bedrooms for teenage boys, there is as small rooms and large. Resemble boys with female children, they also love to dream, live action games. The room should be made for sleeping and relaxing, games, and also…

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    Modern kitchen in classical style

    Classic style cuisine typical of elegant forms, and for the presence of the elegant furniture or accessories. Furnished in a classical setting should be low-key, with bed shades. The spacious kitchen has a possible use of stucco, you can use the gilding, beautiful baseboards, gilding,…

  • 9-white kitchen

    Apartments in white style

    The white color is perfect for a home decoration, white – is the new black, it can cover a lot of flaws in white bright objects can be added to make the room interesting. White is the color of infinity, with it you can always…

  • 10-mini tarras

    Eco-friendly house made ​​of wood

    In today’s world, people are trying to purchase homes in the country and a lot of the time they separate choice, most preference is given to ecological houses made ​​of wood, as they are highly mobile, convenient, and more than that a house built faster…

  • 10-room for a football player

    10 comfortable interior rooms for boys

    The desire to design a child’s room is usually the child does not ask, and many adults make the room boring and not right for a child’s development. It is necessary to choose the interior to the character of the boy, it is worth considering…

  • 7-shades of Pink

    10 of the most magnificent rooms in the bohemian style

    In the bohemian style can be made and has a nice sleeping room. Choose original and exclusive furniture. Best furniture for the bedroom is in a Victorian style. This furniture looks very presentable and most importantly it is exclusive. The furniture that you have in…

  • 5-transparent doors

    Lovely kitchen interior in blue tones

    The blue color came to us from the old era of Empire, it was in those days accommodations in a house painted in pale – light blue door and the floor is usually a dark color. Fashion changes, but some parts can now be used….

  • 1-mirror-tapestry-by-lee-borthwick

    Mirror Tapestry by Lee Borthwick

    Lee Borthwick‘s Mirror Tapestry is a spectacular installation of hundred pieces of dead wood. One side of the installation showed the natural wood and the other presented a much shinier surface characterized by laser cut mirrors.

  • 1-petrified-wood-side-tables-by-stephane-michaelis

    Petrified Wood Side Tables by Stephane Michaelis

    Due to the inherent unique shape of each slice of Petrified Wood (fossilised wood from Indonesia that is up to 20 million years old) Stephane Michaelis has designed two contemporary side tables which incorporate this oldest of materials, in a way that the base can…

  • 1-a spacious living room

    Making your apartments in pastel colors

    Pastel colors in the interior are not bright and the colors are represented in an apartment or house. Pastel colors are well psychologically affects a person. Pastel colors are less emotional and more peaceful for psychology. The interior in subtle pastel colors and light, creates…