• 1-Vassilissa-bathroom-collection-Serdaneli-France-in-Russian-style-accessories-by-Evgenia-Miro-gold-dark-blue-folk-motifs-luxurious-faucet-dome-shaped

    Russian Fairy-Tale Inspired a New Stunning Bathroom Collection

    One of the latest collections launched by a French bathroom brand Serdaneli appeared to be very Russian. And this is not surprising – it was inspired by one of the most famous Russian fairy tales and created by a Russian author, Evgenia Miro. But the…

  • 0-Russia-Seneshal-luxurious-hotel-interior-design-timber-house-Provence-classical-style-winter-snow

    Seneshal Hotel in Moscow Suburbs: Luxurious Hut in Provence Style

    Gorgeous resorts are not another name for tropical islands or the Swiss Alps. True “jewels” can also be found not far from Moscow, and today we are going to show you one of the most precious of them.

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    “Old Chest” Interior: Attic in Russian Provence Style

    If you are a lucky owner of a house with attic, but still wonder how to arrange it in a stylish and functional way, this post is just for you. Today we will give you a few ideas on how to make your attic room…

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    The interior in the Russian style

    Russian style in the interior recalls the traditions. It is best to start with the interior, most often in the Russian interior feature massive logs, timber, painted tiles. This interior is more important for townhouses, apartment in this interior is very difficult to create.

  • 1-bulb-shaped-chandelier-by-kulyev

    Bulb Shaped Chandelier by Kulyev

    Russian designer Kulyev decided to have a little fun with one of his recent lighting designs. He created an indented area in the ceiling of a home and then proceeded to turn it into a fascinating chandelier. Within the indentation he painted the outlines of…

  • 1-wood-in-the-bathroom

    Wood in the bathroom

    Unity with nature is increasingly part of our lives and makes it more harmonious. Wooden furniture is increasingly popular. There is a perception that the interaction of water and wood, wooden objects leads to a short service life, but it is not so! It all…