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    How to Organize Make-Up Storage: 15 Best Ideas

    Beauty products can be tidily arranged on a dressing table top or on an open shelf only when a girl is a teenager and it’s her first makeup experience. Over the years her collection of beauty tools multiplies, while extra space hardly appears. Many women…

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    5 Trivial Domestic Things That Can Upgrade Storage in Your Closet

    Clothes, shoes, accessories… All these things should fit into your closet in a neat way to make storage well-organized and user-friendly. Many brands offer special tools for optimizing closets, but we’d like to offer you 5 trivial things that can be found in any home…

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    Super-Organized and Neat Teenager’s Room Interior

    This room with the total area of just 14 square meters belongs to a teenage girl. And the problem of this room was typical of almost any other room occupied by a very young person: it was just packed with stuff. Versatile pieces of free-standing…

  • 5-multifunctional-small-mini-kitchen-set-by-Kitchoo-France-mini-fridge-refrigerator-sink-black-worktop-countertop-wooden-cabinets

    3 All-Inclusive Mini Kitchen Sets for Tiniest Areas

    Small kitchens are not uncommon in the world, and the problem of limited cooking areas has existed for many years. How else to explain the fact that a mini kitchen suite designed by an Italian furniture designer Cesare ”Joe” Colombo back in 1963 is still as popular…

  • 10-small-kitchen-storage-ideas-design-hacks-rational-space-rails-railings-on-side-of-cabinets-holder-for-utensils

    25 Design Hacks for Rational Storage in Small Kitchens

    Do you believe that your kitchen is so small that keeping all the cooking essentials in it is just impossible? And are you sure that you make the most of the potential of your space?  We’ll give you 25 ideas of creating extra storage areas…

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    All Needed Things At Hand: How to Start Planning Kitchen Storage

    Creating a kitchen set from scratch or renovating your preparation and storage areas is as a general rule one of the most costly affairs in the entire house refurbishments. And also one of the most time-and effort-consuming, since you should fit enough storage areas, kitchen…

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    5 Quick Ways to Revamp Your Garage

    Whether you want to drastically improve the way you use your garage, or simply want it to boost the market value of your home, here are 5 options, provided by Dakota Murphey, to maximise space and leave you wondering why you didn’t try them sooner…

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    8 Creative Bicycle Storage Ideas

    Calendar turned to February and it still keeps snowing from time to time. But we keep believing in anticyclone that will come soon to give us a chance to pedal. Most commonly our previous experience shows that the slower spring is coming, the more active…

  • 8-hat-storage-ideas-organizer-rod-chain-dislplay-in-walk-in-closet-vintage

    How to Store Belts, Ties and Hats: 15 Ideas

    You are still searching for an ideal way to organize your collection of belts, ties and hats, aren’t you? Here are 15 clever ways to store them. You will surely find the right one for yourself.

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    Dutch-Style Kitchen for a Big-Family Mother

    Have you ever watched a tiny kitchen being transformed into a comfortable place for a big family? Today’s post is dedicated to such an interesting interior design project: the initial kitchen zone comprised of just a sink and a stove located in a tiny nook…

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    How to Store Important Papers

    This is the question we ask ourselves every time we need to find our marriage certificate, an important finance document or a medical report. In today’s post we’ll try to convince you that important papers deserve more attention and careful storage.

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    5 Ideas of Recipe Organization

    Your recipe book is a bunch of sheets of paper with grease stains? This is definitely not encouraging to cook more at home. An orderly system of recipe storage can be a nice motivation and inspiration, and today we’d like to offer you a few…

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    9 Golden Rules for Perfect Closet Organization: Part 2

    How to arrange dresses, where to keep worn clothes and what stuff needs to be stored in dustproof cases? The answers for these and other questions are here, in the continuation of 9 golden rules for perfect closet organization.

  • 4-wardrobe-storage-ideas-closet-organization

    9 Golden Rules for Perfect Closet Organization: Part 1

    Your wardrobe is packed with stuff, but every morning it seems that you have nothing to wear? Piles of sweaters and jeans are soaring on the chairs, since there is no more space on clothes hangers and wardrobe shelves? The root of these problems is…

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    Home Library Design: Tips from a Professional Designer

    How pleasing it is to relax in a cozy arm-chair after a long hard day with your favorite hardcover novel. There is something romantic and aesthetical about it, especially in our era of computer technologies. Just imagine – the cracking fireplace, soft low lights, silky…

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    DIY: 7 Ways to Re-Use Shoeboxes

    Shoeboxes can be found in any house and sometimes just gather dust somewhere in a pantry. Or you have just bought (or made) a lovely shoe organizer and don’t need boxes anymore. But don’t be so quick to toss them in the trash – there…

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    Where to Store Bedding: 7 Useful Ideas

    Every morning you wake up to start hiding your pillows, blankets and linen to turn your bedroom into a living room, and as the night comes you start to pull them all out again? Let’s find out a few life hacks: how to make your…

  • Gray bathroom by Bijou Bathrooms

    Deceptively spacious? 11 Clever storage Ideas For Bijou Bathrooms

    Bathroom clutter is the bane of many people’s lives. Particularly if your bathroom or shower room is a little on the small side, and if you just can’t bring yourself to culling you beauty product collection, it can be difficult to find enough storage for…