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    How to Care for Indoor Plants in February

    Winter is not an easy season for almost everyone, and room plants are not an exception. However, this is supposed to be the last cold month, which means that owners of home flora species will attempt the final climb before the season of revival and…

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    Dreams Come True: Girl’s Bedroom Inspired by the “Frozen” Cartoon

    Before getting down to interior design of a kid’s room we should be aware that the best expert in this sphere is…the kid. Every child knows exactly how his or her dream bedroom should look like. Of course, we mean the choice of style and…

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    10 Inspiring Winter Wall Murals

    Winter is in full swing! There are types of people who value winter more than any other season of the year. According to psychologists, personalities preferring cold winter weather are very individualistic: their life is dictated by the “cat” principle: “all by myself”. Most frequently…

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    7 Indoor Plants That Bloom in Winter

    The joy of first snow is left behind and in Christmas season we still miss warm summer days. Our dreams of bright colors and cheerful greenery may come true when our potted plants start to bloom despite the cold!

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    5 Reasons to Renovate in Winter!

    There is a widely held view that the best season for renovation is summer. But more and more people start to plan work on their homes in the wintertime, and there are numerous reasons for that. Renovation in December is absolutely unrestricted and may prove…