• 1-wooden-timber-log-house-tower-residential-multi-storey-building-in-Toronto-Canada-by-Penda-Architects-vertical-garden-green-eco-friendly-architecture

    Wooden 18-Storey Housing Estate to Be Built in Toronto

    Penda Architects Studio specializing on eco-friendly interiors and architectural projects unite their efforts with the global forest-logging leader Timber to develop a stunning modular wooden tower for the city of Toronto. The anticipated fruit of their future cooperation is an 18-storey residential complex made in…

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    Dream Country House Interior in Scandinavian & English Style

    A young family couple with a new-born kid was dreaming about having a cozy nest close to the nature. And the interior was supposed to be inviting for rest and serenity and letting fully feel and enjoy the comfort of living in the countryside. But…

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    Textile Design of Interior: Gorgeous Real-Life Example

    When the space is competently planned, all the zones are functionally determined and conceptually linked, the finishing is done, the furnishing and lighting are arranged and each item of décor found its place, comes a happy moment of housewarming – the moment when chaotic and…

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    Wooden House in Chalet Style with Fairy-Tale Scenes

    Today’s interior is not something we’re used to seeing and at the same very natural and balanced. If you are looking for original ideas of color, texture and shape combinations, or just have warmest sympathy towards wooden houses – you will definitely like this chalet….

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    New “European-Style” Life of Wooden House Interior

    A typical log house of brownish yellow color in the suburbs was in urgent need of refreshment: it was so dull and standard that the hosts got tired of its “countryside look”. For this reason they hired a couple of architects and interior designers. The…

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    Completely Wooden House

    The entire house is made of wooden boards. The floors, the ceilings, the walls, the furniture pieces, everything! Well, everything except the bathroom sink and the fireplace, which are made of rough stone, with the metal door handles. Wood inspires warmth and makes the house…